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Ten Rules For Living Well

Hey there, so yeah, I’ve been on here a whole lot lately and I’ma be honest with you as to why…I’ve been reading my bible everyday. Cool eh, before I used to listen to sermons everyday and it was good, but there’s nothing like God’s direct Word to you. Dive in peoples, I promise you’ll be blessed.

check this out, I read the ten commandments this morning and realized that I’ve commited every single one. So lets go through the list and see how you do.

1.Worship no other god before me….Worship means to give worth to something…I’m not gonna lie, money, education, friendships, family even have at times been such a priority and major concern…my time, energy, efforts have been way more dedicated to these things than to God…they became my gods.

2.Have no idols…man-made objects that are worshiped…hello women…clothes, shoes, make up…can you live without em….men, what about your big boy toys…cars, trucks, houses…tell me if you lost these you wouldn’t feel a thing…for me the car I drive and you know the funny thing is there are so many more opportunites to glorify God on a bus…we’ll get back to that.

3. Do not make wrongful use of His name…OMG…my “g” is gosh…what’s yours? still at times I’ve slipped. If it ain’t worship, praise or prayer, leave his name out of it

4. Keep the sabbath…HA…it’s like the best day to do groceries…but seriously, he’s asks for one day to be dedicated to his honor and praise, we spend 90 minutes in church and think we’ve done him a favor.

5. Honor mom and dad…FAIL…so many times I’ve copped an attitude, given harsh words, been downright disrespectful…I totally admit it

6. Do not murder…Jesus says that if you hate someone, you’ve commited murder…in my past, I was known to hold a wicked grudge….if you got on my bad side there you would stay, but God forgives us that we may forgive…work it out.

7. Do not commit adultry…Jesus says to look at someone lustfully is adultry…lust is not strictly sexual, it only means a strong to desire for something(anything), if you’ve never done it, you must be a saint

8. Do not steal…again, not just the big things count…the dollar you took from your sister without asking…that was stealing

9. Do not bear false witness…liar, liar, pants on fire…you’ve never lied about anyone…even that time you gossiped and didn’t have the whole story…because it was none of your business in the first place….Liar!

10. Don’t covet your neighbor’s stuff…this we all do, heck I’m doing it as I type…shoot that Mustang parked beside my car is too sweet…

How’d you do? I sucked big time. This my friends is what we are forgiven for, we can’t do it on our owns and even with grace we stumble. so think just how merciful God is, just how much he forgives you everyday. Dag, I’m feeling kinda thankful. Funny thing is after that, he went on to give like 2 or 3 chapters more of commandments….but check this out, LOVE is the greatest, love for God, love for neighbors…not easy, but to keep in mind what you should do, how you should live…love intentionally…all the time…

originally written April 11


One response to “Ten Rules For Living Well

  1. Renata says:

    I love your blog!! lol

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