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Purify my zeal

If not to you than to who I ask, to who

Shall I search the oceans and the skies

Seeking out others or quickly deny

the fact that none other exists than you

Who can light up the universe

Make man with just a word

In me there is an innate sense

To whom it is I belong

I feel an urge and yearn for you

But learn to turn away

Why should I stay in disarray

When you are always here

There and everywhere

You’ve never left me, not once

You waited patiently to see me turn

To see me make my way back

Some say you lack true compassion

Some say you are cold and unjust

But they don’t know true trust

Your promises have been steadfast

Your word it never rusts

Never goes out of style

It’s alway practical and lasts

It’s stood the test of time

Answered every question that ever mattered

Only keeping the secret things

From the beginning you’ve always known best

You tried to protect me from harm

But set the alarm when I took upon myself the tempt to test

There had to be a consequence

Rebellion could not go unruled

We whence when we hear the punishment

But we deserve nothing less

Still some of us search in false hope of finding another way

I’m so glad I choose not to stay hidden, sinking in that misery

When you called I answered gladly

Gave up a lot of things

But oh how joy now rings

My heart goes out those that part knowledge from wisdom

I feel despair for those who equate learnedness to knowing

Some things just go deeper

Where shall I search, the east or west

The north or south, or inside my very heart

I’m not searching for you, you’ve always been here

But I’m opening my eyes to you

I’m looking intently upon you and I’ll never again turn my eyes away

Once lost, I’m found b a savior who gave his very life to redeem my sinful heart.  Praise your holy and worthy name the righteous I’ve been granted.  Lord God of all the Heavens, father of even the unknown and yet to be, you counted me worthy of grace and mercy that cost you the price of your blood.  My king how great and awesome you are, how unselffish and full of love.  I worship you and praise you, halleluah on high.  Our judge, our redeemer, our love, our forgiveness, bless you eternally.  Father God, I am not worthy, I am not good, so far from it.  Free from sin, I still wear the chains that bound me.  My heart is still impure.  Full of power, my knees still tremble, my hands still shake.  My God, I fall on my face before thee and I plea to you forgive me for not fully embracing you.  Forgive me lord for wanting things and people more than I’ve yearned for you, forgive me for putting them first.  To you Lord I cast down my idols,  I admit the lusts of my heart and I beg your mercy.  I thank you that you see beyond my fault, beyond my shame and guilt. Father keep me steadfast, help me to pray, help me to chew on solid food and to find strength in you.  Make me bolder for your names sake.  Revive my zeal for you I pray that everyday it’s your face I seek above all.  Amen


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