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LORD, I Am who I say I Am.  I have nothing to prove for creation it’s self speaks of my glory.  Lord, my God, founder of all I know I bow before you in humble adoration.  Father my words can not bless you nor praise you suffieciently enough.  I offer what I have, small as it may be, to honor and lift high your name.  May your brillance shine throughout the earth.  May you shine thorugh me, expose my sin and shamefulness, but fill me with your Spirit that I may be transformed into a committed and ensured follower of Christ Jesus.  There is nothing I have that comes remotely close to your value.  I praise you because you made me and gave me lips to praise.

I have seen many storms, I have had many doubts, but today I cast fear and doubt aside for I know the plans you have for me, to prosper me spiritually that I might receive from you the glorious gift of heaven and an eternity in your presesence. How I long to stand in your court and bask in glory.  Thank you for the mercy and grace I’ve so freely received.  Thank you for all the pick me ups when I let myself down.  I pray Father for consistancy in my walk with you.  I pray Father that you will give me strength, courage and boldness to be the woman you’ve designed me to be.  Lord make me whole in you and you alone.  May you fill me with your spirit Lord, that I might live fkor you.

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Journey to the top


Today I embrace a, not entirely new journey, but most definite new part of an old and long journey of faith.  I’ve hit very rocky road in the recent past.  I’ve viewed the mountain before me and lost hope at disappearing peak in the clouds, but though I can not see it, I do know it’s there.  So, I’m jumping back on track.  I think I misplaced some of my gear when the road got treacherous.  All the bumps and turns jolted things out of my pack.  So I’m double checking to see what’s missing and reloading, more carefully this time.  I’m learning from the things that went wrong, so not to repeat those misfortunes. LORD, I ask for your guidance and continual shelter.  May I fix my eyes to top and place my faith and hope not in what I see, but in what I know is awaiting me when I reach the top.  Give me patience to maintain composure and courage to stand firm against opposing forces whether they be physical, spiritual, mental or otherwise.  Jesus be my center.  Spirit lend me strength.  Father bring me home.

Vertical Church – Chapter 1

 Without an eternal focus, we can not truly embrace and live out a Christian life.  Our hope and joy are founded in eternity.  The lonely, aching heart is not seeking human relations, it is seeking it’s maker.  The world will be quick to dismiss this fact, but ask the women who is on her fourth husband, the man who has slept with his 100th partner, the girl who stays with her abuser or the boy who has turned to homosexual relationships if they have found true love and completion in their relationships.  Has anyone without God felt in need and want of nothing at all.  Have they found a sense of satisfaction which allows them to now rest in perfect peace here on this earth?  

 Eternity greatly diminishes the vanity of worldly pursuits.  Eternity transcends the me, I and my factor.  It admits that something is drastically wrong when self is at the core of a human’s efforts.  It reflects the magnitude of a God who created the entire universe.  Imagine, a God who is large enough to hold all the waters of the earth in the palm of his hand.  Imagine a God who spoke the universe into existence.  Imagine a God who made his son human, in order that he may be killed on the account of his very own creation’s rebellion to him, so that they could be forgiven.  This, this is our eternal God.  This eternal God, has plans for humanity to escape the boundaries of time and enter into an eternity with…or without Him.

 Eternity is humbling if nothing more.  It makes me feel like a tiny ant crawling around a big field, separated from my colony, dangers lurking all around.  I’ll bet that ant would be real grateful if someone stopped and put him out of harms way.  Christian, someone has stopped to lift you out of harm’s way and lead you to a miraculous eternity.  

 Vertical Church – Chapter 2

 A few nights ago I sat in my room at an utter loss of hope.  I felt defeated because I was let down by a wishful desire that was denied.  It wasn’t so much the specific denial that got at me, but more so it was the reminder that such simple man made “space fillers” were not any where near true fulfillment.  In that state, I missed God.  I failed to see his glory.  Just as my hurt seemed unbearable, he reminded me who he said he was and I cried out, I need you!  I need you now!  I pleaded, if indeed you are who you say you are, give me strength to make it past this moment.  Almost instantly His peace, His glory surrounded me.  The whole night I could sense my woes attempting to despair me, but each time they did, I felt him, like a bear hug, just wrap me completely in peace.  He would not even allow my mind to think about the things which troubled it.  It was like he came and said “I am your shelter and refuge from the storm, in me you will be protected from all harm.  And just that I was.

 God’s presence is like Whoa!  There’s nothing sweeter than feeling him.  I don’t even want to use the word feeling because it can’t encompass the experience.  It’s like being in a room with a million screaming people, but having a hush come over you that fades out everything else going on around you.  It’s like standing out in sub zero weather, but feeling a warmth moving through out your body warming you from the inside out and wrapping it’s self all around you.  God’s glory is heavier than ten thousand pounds, there is nothing to compare it to and why should there be?  God’s glory is simply put, massive.

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Climbing the mountain

This past weekend I was in Nevis.  I starred at the mountain there, trying to fathom what it would take to climb it.  At first glance I thought, it wouldn’t be too hard.  Of course, that was from a distance.  As I moved nearer to it, I could see clearly that it would actually be quite a difficult task.  The mountain is rigid.  It has many steep sections to it, as well as it is covered in very dense bush.  There are also wild animals living on it.  Climbing this mountain, I would have to imagine, would be quite the challenge.  I’m in no way prepared for such a task, but I hope to be next time I go.

Now, I’m thinking to myself that the mountain of faith is an even more difficult journey.  For how long now I’ve been just lingering around the bottom of this mountain.  I’ve been desiring to take the journey, but not readying myself for it or making any attempt to put the first foot forward.  Well, tonight I’ve decided to start packing my bags because I need to take this journey and I need to conquer.  James Macdonald is doing a 15 month study of the book of John. The premise is Authentic Jesus.  If I’m gonna make this journey the one thing I need with me more than anything is Jesus. I need to know him because he ultimately will be my compass, my flashlight, my trail mix and energy bars.  He’s my map, my rope, my bandages.  Jesus my lord will direct my path, Jesus my savior will mend my broken ness and make me whole.  Bottom line is I could never do this alone.  God I am so happy that I don’t have to do this alone.  Thank you.

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Mirror Mirror

In this day and age of cosmetic surgury and airbrushed perfection it is not hard to be displeased with what you see when you look in the mirror.  What I’m learning is that it isn’t what you see in the mirror, but what others see exuding from your heart that really makes you beautiful.  Yeah, we’ve all heard beauty comes from within, but stop and think about that as a Christian.  You have the very Spirit of God residing inside of you.  You have the ability to allow that spirit to exude from your lips and your life in all your actions.  Don’t think for a second people won’t see the difference.  I dare you, today, put on the Holy Spirit as your “make up”.  Let Him be the beauty people see when they look at you.

So, what does that look like? Well it looks like yielding to God’s will.  Really practice the fruit of the spirit today…love, kindness, gentleness, joy, peace, forbearance, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.  Take a hard look at each of these virtues and really attempt to live them out.  Remember, love is the one command that covers all the rest so if it makes it easier…love today.  Love even those who are difficult to love.  Love so that when others see your love, they question, how and why you can be so loving…then tell them, Jesus loved you first.  Put on the Spirit today and wear it like those fancy red stilettoes or those fresh new nikey’s.  I dare you.

Father in Heaven, you are our stronghold, your steadfast love carries us through every trial and circumstance.  Father we praise you for you are mighty, loving and just.  Your mercy and grace cover us and make us righteous in your sight.  Lord continue to increase our holiness as we increase our faithfulness by abiding in you.  May your way be our gps.  May your glory be our radience, like Moses when he came down from the mountain after basking in your pressence.  We pray God that we would look different, not like super models, but like the Supreme model, our Maker.  Not in our strength, but in yours as we obey your laws and worship you.  All glory, honor and praise to you.  Amen

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Lovely is your dwelling place…

This is gonna be brief, but sweet.  Psalm 84:1, Lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty…where exactly is that?  For the most part we think of Heaven, but actually, Jesus dwells inside our hearts.  I’ve been learning a lot about the heart lately, about it’s wickedness, but also about it’s redemption.  Deep inside the believer’s heart, no matter where we are in our walk with Christ, whether in the desert place or basking in the light, Christ is in our hearts because on that day when we first believed, we invited him in. 

Right now I’m on a journey from the worldly vainities of insecurity to humble, God centred security.  This is a reminder to me that I don’t just represent Jamie when I’m driving down the street, on my job or in the mall…I’m the dwelling place of my Lord, the temple of his Spirit.  I represent Him and I have the honor of being able to display to unbelievers just how awesome and mighty he is through allowing Him to work through me.  We get to make choices in life, we can choose to have joy in all circumstances and to allow others to see that joy.  That joy tht makes people question, where does your peace come from.  It’s not easy, but it’s more than worth it.  So today when you’re tempted to anger, impatience or some other ungoldly trait, remember who lives in you.

Almighty Lord, how privileged we are to not only know you, but to belong to you and to have received you inside our hearts.  God you reside in us to empower us to overcome the world.  Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.  May those words ring loud and clear in the believers ears Father.  May your promises be the solid rock of foundation on which we place our hope. and may it be from that place that our delgihts derive.  And not only our delights, but also our securities.  We belong to the King of the universe and we possess a treasure to be displayed in jars of clay that all may see how awesome, mighty and worthy of praise our Lord is.  Thank you for who you are and for who you’ve made us through the redemption of our hearts and souls.  We are blessed and we bless your name.  All praises to you  God through the blood which has cleansed us.  Amen

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O Holy Night

At this point in the year one can no longer deny that Christmas is around the corner.  You may ask, why would one wish to deny Christmas.  Sadly the answer is because in this world of stuff, Christmas has become just a day of getting more stuff.  The reality is that no where in Scripture tells us to celebrate Christ’s birth.  Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying Christmas is a bad thing.  The fact is Christ had to be born in order to die and to die in order to raise from the dead. So yes, his birth is significant.  The Word became flesh.  He made himself nothing…being born in the likeness of man.  It’s actually a pretty big deal.  However, let’s be honest, this is no longer even a part of the reason we celebrate Christmas or as I like to call it Christ-must.  Maybe if that were it’s title we’d have a little more reverence for reflecting upon his sacrifice on that day.

Ok, so you get how I feel about that.  I was listening to carols and I was so moved because they are so deep.  It’s crazy how we so often sing them in vain completely unaware of the depth of their content.  Allow me to use O HOLY NIGHT verse one as just one example:

O holy night! The stars are brightly shining, 

It is the night of our dear Saviour’s birth.  

Long lay the world in sin and error pining,

Til He appear’d and the soul felt its worth.

A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,

For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn

I challenge you to focus on Jesus this Christmas.  Really stop for a while and consider what he came to do and why he had to come in the first place.  This should be a time of innner reflection and conviction.  Our King, our God, our Savior left his throne to take on the form of a servant and show to us true obedience to his Father, right to the point of death.  Do you love Jesus? Do you honor him? Is he the man, Lord over ALL your life?  He should be because he gave his own life in order to give us ours.  Christmas is not about stuff.  Try to remember that this season.


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Ever think to yourself, “I wanna know more about God”.  I don’t think we usually have thoughts like that.  I think maybe at times we think, “I don’t know a whole lot of the bible”, but that’s an entirely different thought from “I wanna know more about God” or I wanna know God more intimately”.  Sometimes Christianity seems overwhelming.  It feels like there’s so many restrictions and rules to follow.  However, that simply is not true.  Christianity is not about rules and regulations, it’s about love and morality.  We are to love God and act morally because we love Him.  Morals are simply knowing right from wrong.  One has to wonder why so often we get upset or overwhelmed at the thought of having to choose to do what our conscience tells us is right instead of choosing to do wrong.  I guess that’s what having a sinful nature is though.

We live in a world that twists morals.  Often right is wrong and wrong is right.  The world says “love yourself first”, God says “love others”.  The world says “be proud”, God says “be humble”.  The world says “follow your heart”, God says “the heart is deceitful, follow me”.  The world says “chase after riches”, God says “ do not store treasures on earth”.  I mean, I could go on all day.  So many Christians follow worldly values and wonder why they have no peace.  So they use eastern meditation and go see psychologists who analyze why they feel that way.  Really the answer is simple, meditate on the word, reminding ourselves of God’s truths and recognize that sin is what causes us unrest and obedience to God brings a peace that the world can not understand. I wonder if a psychologist will ever tell you that.

God has known us since the beginning of time, each one of us personally.  It is crazy to wrap our brain around that, but that’s what he’s told us.  He’s infinite and eternal existing outside of time.  We need to recognize that there are many things which are possible for God that are impossible for us.  The fact is, he knows you better than you know yourself.  He knows the words you’ll speak before they leave your lips, even before the thoughts enter you mind.  That is the greatness of our God and even more so that is how intimately he knows each of us.  Now, we’ll never know him that well, but shouldn’t we at least try.  There’s so much to know about him, we can never know it all.  So then shouldn’t we try to continually know him deeper?  You don’t have to be a bible scholar to know God.  His very Spirit leaves within us. 1 John teaches us that we’ve been chosen and he is with us and we don’t need anyone to teach us.  Please don’t think I’m saying stop going to church or bible study.  Just understand that church and bible study and other believers don’t define your relationship with God, they don’t grow it.  That’s all you and the Spirit within you.  So feed on the word.  Chew on it day and night.  Get to know our God and He will give you peace, rest, joy and hope.

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Sin…a small white lie or big bloody murderer.  A little girl asked me if white lies counted as lies.  She said “but they’re only little”.  Often times I think we put try to weigh sin like that, the little ones don’t really count.  Do you realize that Jesus Christ died to take on all sin?  He died even for that little white lie, that pen from your coworkers desk without asking, that wish for misfortune to that grumpy old man, that telling the homeless guy you have no change while on your way to Timmie’s to spend the toonie in your pocket.  Sin is sin, big or small it’s sin and God can’t stand it to the extent that Christ’s life had to be taken in order to buy us good standing with God.

Love: the greatest commandment, the one that covers all the rest.  With no love, how can one say they truly know Christ.  Love, not a mushy feeling, but sacrificial action, one that puts others before yourself, one that ultimately puts God before any and everything.  Love asks, what is the will of God in this situation?  Am I representing him, but showing his glory and honoring him with my choice?  That is love.  Sin, even the smallest sin, has no love in it.

So, how do we measure sin, by our conscience and when in doubt, by the Word.  Are we nailing Christ to that cross or are we making a a beautiful sound to his ears?

Shall I stay or walk away

I’m afraid to ask

The task at hand is major

One I wish not to explore

But it’s need to be done by someone

And I’m here right now and able

If I leave it, am I wrong

Someone stronger than me may come along

Someone better and more willing…may

What shall I do

Well, God doesn’t need me does he

No, not need, but he can use me…if I so allow


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Prayer Time

Heavenly Father, you simply put me at awe.  Whenever I think I know Lord, you show that it is you, not I.  I praise you for your power and mite.  I praise you Lord that you could look upon a teeny being such as myself with pride.  You see me and you love me and you hold me up extending mercy and justice to my life. How a magnificent God such as you, the one and only Lord over all the universe can hold me as dear and beloved, hallejuah, bless your name.  Father God I place in you all my trust and understanding.  I lean Lord on your goodness and your forgiveness, I place my hope in your wisdom alone.  Mold me Lord into who you would have me to be and lead me where you would have me be.  May your will be mine as I bow in humility before your throne.  I thank you for each and every day, for every moment that I have with you and pray God that you would be my centre around which every decision and action is formed.  I thank you so much for Connecting Streams and the vision to help women around this globe embark on intentional mission to lift high your name through intimacy with you which builds love and compassion for others.  Father may you bless this ministry greatly and guide every participant along their way.  Help me to know with no doubt if this is where you would have me to be and keep me trusting in you as my provider and sustainer for all times.  In the name that saves the damned, may all honor and glory be yours. Amen

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Seeking Him

He who always was, will forever be

Though little me may have not seen

May not have touched or heard him speak

One can’t deny his infinite presence

Further his whole essence lies within his Word

Given to wretches that we may be saved

Not by works that we’d boast, but by grace that we’d toast our King

With him we will reign, seated on thrones

Dressed and adorned

And in this we rejoice even amidst trial and pain and doubt

In fear we have courage motivated by hope

It’s our faith and our own broken will

These are the things that push through the darkness

Find redeeming light, pushing sin out of sight

And we seek out forgiveness and turn from the wrong

Holding strong our convictions, condemned by HIm no more

I’m reading 1 John.  It’s been a while since I really sought God.  He’s been so entirely faithful to me though.  Reminds of how unworthy I am of his grace, but also of how unchangeable and true he ALWAYS remains.  So the same ol song is sung by the brethren, oh sinful man I am, why I do the things I know I should not do and do not do the things I know I should…laziness, gluttony, lust, pride…whatever is holding me back from greatness not only promised, but already given.  So once again I cry out and hope for the best cause what I know for sure is that in and of myself I will find no healing, peace or freedom.

Father your word is true and good.  Your word is powerful enough to soften the hardest heart and make the devil cringe.  So it must be powerful enough to change my mind and lead me from temptation.  Lord forgive me for thinking I could ever get away with anything at all that does not please you and lift you up on high.  Father cleanse me, purify my heart and make it true.  Help me to always see you in all I do and never forget that you see me in all I do and not only what I do, but I say and what I think and feel.  I can keep no secrets from you and I don’t even want to.  I want my life Lord to be an open book telling the story of a sinful being who clings to a savior with a full pledged faith and lives victoriously because with all my heart I know I have the victory.  Lord my life can only be transformed through and by you so I pray today, transform me…make me whole.

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