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Human Atrocities

Don’t get overwhelmed or burdened…this is heartbreaking I know. But denying it won’t make it better. We weren’t put here to save the world, our person is to glorify God and share His message.

I think Christians are often too sheltered. We have a one sided agenda, we wanna give the gospel, but not live the gospel. Friends, God wants us to advocate on behalf of the improvished. This is a part of our call. Make your churches and friends aware so people’s eyes are open. You never know who may see something. Apart from that we can lift our prayers…never underestimate prayer.

Someone asked how we can stop this, especially the internet’s involvement and another answered, look at our sub culture. So long as it’s ok to go to strip clubs, to watch sexually explicit tv and films, to give our girls Bratz to play with or tell our boys what ladie’s men they’re gonna be, we’re nursing the sex trade….agree? Friends we need to be more walk than talk.

In 2007, 27 million people are considered slaves in today’s modern society.

161 countries out of 192 (according to the United Nations) are involved with human trafficking.

There are 30,00 women in Romania declared to be missing who are pressumed to be victims of human trafficking

Human trafficking, as an organized crime, is approximated to generate 32 billion revenue each year.

The industrialized countries are the main source of slaves or labor servants approximated at 15.5 million victims.

But the victims are afraid to divulge their situations because they fear that their families and loved ones’ safety will be compromised. Some are afraid that they will be deported.

In October 2008, ICA met with representatives from the FBI to discuss sex trafficking and the need for rescue homes in the U.S. for American victims of sex trafficking and forced prostitution.

ICA was told there are currently only 49 beds available in the U.S. for American victims.

If girls are rescued, they are forced into the juvenile system and usually charged.

US Department of Health and Human Services have put human trafficking on the top list that tied with illegal arms industry as the number one crime to watch out for.

Doubtful Promises

A much better life or work situation is the common promise “recuiters” give parents or parents give their children. The cost of women and children sold across the border is as little as one to two thousand dollars only.

Direct selling

Family members or victims’ own parents sell their children directly, just like selling a product.


Young girls are arranged for marriage to pay off debts of certain families, forcing them to become sexual slaves or subjecting them to other forms of unjust labor.


Another root problem on its own, trafficked women and children are sometimes kidnapped and taken forcibly then forced to work or sold to brothels.

Please check out http://www.stopthetraffik.org/ to get information on practical steps you can take towards stopping the traffick

Where to begin dear God where to begin. Heavenly Father I marvel at your wonder. Lord how you can look upon such a sinful world. Such atrocities as these, if my heart breaks Lord yours has broken one billion times over. Father give us the compassion, the heart felt desire to take on the pain of our brothers and sisters existing in these circumstances. Give us the courage dear God to stand boldly in opposition of such enemies God. Our battle is against spiritual forces and principalities, but Lord the enemy manifests himself in the flesh, enter sin into the world. Father open our eyes and hearts to the lives torn apart by poverty and weakness. Help us to lift a voice for those who have no voice in this world. May we be your hands and feet dear God. Shepherd us Lord, that we may shepherd others. Help us to not carry this burden alone, and to not fear the heaviness of this burden because we know Lord that we can bring it and lay it at your feet. Father you know all, you see all, Thank you for being a God who cares, a God who loves. And while the hurt seems endless and non-bearable here on earth, we thank you father that we know justice shall reign because you God are a just God. Christ came not to save the righteous, but to save the lost, the broken, the faint of heart. Lord as we humble ourselves and bow before you this day, saying “we can’t” we cry out because “you can” Use us as you see fit, hear our prayers and our praise as we lift our hearts, our souls, our lives on behalf of the millions of lives affected by human trafficking Lord, hear our prayers and offer your peace and comfort to those who are suffering. Father God may your angels surround them, may your people have a righteous anger and take a stand for them in your awesome name. Break us Lord, break us to pieces and at your will piece us back together, being a constant reminder that we do nothing on our own, but all through the power of your Holy Spirit and the grace and mercy of you Dear God. It’s not impossible, it’s not impossible, give us the faith to try. The faith to break the silence in our churches and our communities, the faith to stand only on your name, for the sake of your gloryWe praise you forevermore, forgive us for putting us first, forgive us for living sheltered live. You called us to be a light in the darkness, Father flick the switch, we’re readyA flicker is better than nothing at all, but you Dear God will provide the energy we need to be an awesomely bright shining radiance of lightThank you Jesus for your call, Thank you. We pray all this in and through your mighty name to our Majestic Father, Amen

Originally Written April 10, 2010


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