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He’s Done It Again

Lord I sit in awe of you

Tears fill my eyes

My heart is overwhlemed

How a single day may ever pass without a tought of you, I do not know

because today as I draw near and nearer and feel your blessed flow

My heart is filled and overjoyed

So I’m still in Exodus and it’s amazing how you can read a bible story a thousand times over and still be completely refreshed by it. The people continue to grumble and God sends them manna, but he says only take what you can eat today, leave none til morning….Ha, yeah right…you know what happened. they tried to save some and it rotted. do you do that, i know i do. Food and water do not sustain us, God sustains us, but we don’t trust Him.

My life, my life I give to you

In fullness and completely I offer it to you

And day by day no doubt I’ll fail

I’ll take parts back for borrow

But ultimately, it’s yours now

To think that He is with us. How cool is that. He is always with us. When it hurts he wipes our tears. When there’s joy he rejoices with us. He’s always here. I challenge you, for just one day to live intentionally with the thought that God is with you 24/7 and see if your life is any different.

Sometimes I’m just like so totally awestruck by Him, like who is this guy…God…like what does that even mean, what does he look like. Then I look in the mirror, I feel myself breathe and I can feel Him move through me saying, look around you, who am I, I am your creator, the one and the only. It’s hard to fathom isn’t it, I mean when you truly consider it, it’s so hard to fathom God, yet we do and everyday we get just a little bit more and what we know is enough for today…so cool.

My words right now aren’t the best, I know, I’m just like in total wonder of Him and it’s got my mind jumbled, but it feels good, better than it has in a looong time. Ask and you will recieve. I’m proof he answers prayer, so pray, pray quietly, loudly, alone or in a group, just pray.

Originally Written April 11, 2010


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