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Blessings…in disguise

on October 27, 2012

Ever notice how the best of blessings often come in the worst of circumstances.  Notice how we rarely see it in the moment, but that it is in retrospect that we’re like, “oh wow, God was really in that”.  Now, am I the only one who gets frustrated by this.  I mean, honestly? And yet, as frustrated as I am, I know that it’s because what He said is true, ALL things work out for the good of those who love HIm.

So why disguise the blessing?  Why not just give it to us straight, wrapped all pretty in some colored foil paper with a big bow and curly ribbon?  I mean, now that’s how I’d like to receive my blessings.  You know, like a kid at her birthday party.  She knows all those pretty boxes are for her and that they likely contain all the things she wished for.  Her anxious anticipation is a joyful excitement.  Oh, if blessings came that way!  Not to say they never do, but hey even the sweet anticipation of a new born baby must endure 9 loooong months of an unpredictable pregnancy, followed by a grueling labor.  Yet there aren’t many mothers who would say, “that absolutely was not worth it”.  

Disclaimer, not sure how theologically sound this answer is, but I think the disguise is used to test and strengthen our faith.  And at times we may even fail the test, but our faith is still strengthened when we come to the realisation of what God did.  I think of Job, a righteous man.  God allowed for everything to be taken from him.  From his livestock and children to his very health.  His wife was quick to say, “curse God and die”.  His friends were quick to point fingers, blaming Job’s sinfulness.  However, God was testing Job’s faith.  When you read that story do you catch that Satan asked God to sift Job because he thought Job’s righteousness and faithfulness were founded on Job’s blessings.  God knew that was not true.  

We have to come to a realisation that God is bigger and wiser than we can ever imagine.  He’s God.  We’re his creation.  We won’t always understand his actions perfectly.  But our faith should not be based on human understanding.  Our human wisdom is folly put next to God’s.  Our wisdom rooted in God boils down to faith.  Trust that God has the best interest of HIs children at mind and that His promises to us are true.  He promised us spiritual blessings in abundance…if we believe.

What are you going through in your life today that feels or looks like a big, yucky mess?  Look at it again. What can you learn from it?  How can it build up your character? Your spiritual muscle? Is it just a big mess, or is it perhaps a blessing in disguise?

My Sovereign, supreme over all things.  Master of the universe.  There is nothing oh God that slips by you.  Not a single thing can happen without your knowledge.  And while sin and evil corrupt our nature and break your heart, you are always aware of all that happens.  You bear a heavy heart for my sin and want nothing more than that we’d all turn to you.  But God, you are merciful, you give us freedom to choose whom we will serve.  You draw man to you and you love us, but so often we reject you, at times dispise you, usually because of selfishness and pride.  Yet still each day we wake, your mercy remains and offers us the hope of salvation should we chose to love and obey, having faith in your Word.  i can not begin to say how much I love you Lord.  I can not begin to say how much I need you and how I rejoice over the forgiveness of my sin. Me, Lord?  You forgive me 7 times 77 times, you forgive me.  And I know tomorrow I’ll fail you again, but you call me your own.  You’ve promised me an inheritance in your kingdom along the Son who laid down his life that I may live.  You call me a saint, restored, redeemed, blessed.  I know that every good thing comes from you and for that I praise you.  But God, all the more I praise that through every trial and hardshiip I endure, I never walk alone.  And when the fire is hot and I’m engulfed by the bitter anguish of it’s flames, you pull me through it.  You refine me and stretnghen me offering me every spiritual blessing and plans to prosper me.  Hallejuah, what a savior, what a friend, what a Father.  I can’t measure the vastness of your love.  How deep?  How wide? I can’t understand it. But Lord God I receive it in faith that you are who you say you are and I worship your holy name.  There is none like you Jehovah, provider of all I need.  There is none like you.  Blessed be your mighty name.  Amen 


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