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on October 25, 2012

Reach beyond any measure the human mind can wrap it’s self around

Is the God we were created to serve

Adoration can reach no limitation for the greatest words of praise can not exchange

an honor that’s high enough

Surpassing the reign of any royal figure He sits up high upon His throne unshakable, not breakable 

His love, justice and mercy impossible to duplicate, his glory revealed to the undeserving

Many of whom ignore, or may even explore, yet reject in pride and arrogance can not accept His power, wisdom and truth

Image bearers we may be, but never can we ever nearly mirror his magnitude of grace and forgiveness

My words are muttled, don’t make perfect sense, but sense makes them perfect when seen thorugh His eyes

I must fall to the ground bowing humbly down when I think of it because He is more than perfection and I am far, far less than perfection, yet to him I am optimal

Yes in all his splendor, wonder and awe, to Him I am optimal

Thank you Jesus


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