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on October 2, 2012

LORD, I Am who I say I Am.  I have nothing to prove for creation it’s self speaks of my glory.  Lord, my God, founder of all I know I bow before you in humble adoration.  Father my words can not bless you nor praise you suffieciently enough.  I offer what I have, small as it may be, to honor and lift high your name.  May your brillance shine throughout the earth.  May you shine thorugh me, expose my sin and shamefulness, but fill me with your Spirit that I may be transformed into a committed and ensured follower of Christ Jesus.  There is nothing I have that comes remotely close to your value.  I praise you because you made me and gave me lips to praise.

I have seen many storms, I have had many doubts, but today I cast fear and doubt aside for I know the plans you have for me, to prosper me spiritually that I might receive from you the glorious gift of heaven and an eternity in your presesence. How I long to stand in your court and bask in glory.  Thank you for the mercy and grace I’ve so freely received.  Thank you for all the pick me ups when I let myself down.  I pray Father for consistancy in my walk with you.  I pray Father that you will give me strength, courage and boldness to be the woman you’ve designed me to be.  Lord make me whole in you and you alone.  May you fill me with your spirit Lord, that I might live fkor you.


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