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Journey to the top

on October 2, 2012


Today I embrace a, not entirely new journey, but most definite new part of an old and long journey of faith.  I’ve hit very rocky road in the recent past.  I’ve viewed the mountain before me and lost hope at disappearing peak in the clouds, but though I can not see it, I do know it’s there.  So, I’m jumping back on track.  I think I misplaced some of my gear when the road got treacherous.  All the bumps and turns jolted things out of my pack.  So I’m double checking to see what’s missing and reloading, more carefully this time.  I’m learning from the things that went wrong, so not to repeat those misfortunes. LORD, I ask for your guidance and continual shelter.  May I fix my eyes to top and place my faith and hope not in what I see, but in what I know is awaiting me when I reach the top.  Give me patience to maintain composure and courage to stand firm against opposing forces whether they be physical, spiritual, mental or otherwise.  Jesus be my center.  Spirit lend me strength.  Father bring me home.

Vertical Church – Chapter 1

 Without an eternal focus, we can not truly embrace and live out a Christian life.  Our hope and joy are founded in eternity.  The lonely, aching heart is not seeking human relations, it is seeking it’s maker.  The world will be quick to dismiss this fact, but ask the women who is on her fourth husband, the man who has slept with his 100th partner, the girl who stays with her abuser or the boy who has turned to homosexual relationships if they have found true love and completion in their relationships.  Has anyone without God felt in need and want of nothing at all.  Have they found a sense of satisfaction which allows them to now rest in perfect peace here on this earth?  

 Eternity greatly diminishes the vanity of worldly pursuits.  Eternity transcends the me, I and my factor.  It admits that something is drastically wrong when self is at the core of a human’s efforts.  It reflects the magnitude of a God who created the entire universe.  Imagine, a God who is large enough to hold all the waters of the earth in the palm of his hand.  Imagine a God who spoke the universe into existence.  Imagine a God who made his son human, in order that he may be killed on the account of his very own creation’s rebellion to him, so that they could be forgiven.  This, this is our eternal God.  This eternal God, has plans for humanity to escape the boundaries of time and enter into an eternity with…or without Him.

 Eternity is humbling if nothing more.  It makes me feel like a tiny ant crawling around a big field, separated from my colony, dangers lurking all around.  I’ll bet that ant would be real grateful if someone stopped and put him out of harms way.  Christian, someone has stopped to lift you out of harm’s way and lead you to a miraculous eternity.  

 Vertical Church – Chapter 2

 A few nights ago I sat in my room at an utter loss of hope.  I felt defeated because I was let down by a wishful desire that was denied.  It wasn’t so much the specific denial that got at me, but more so it was the reminder that such simple man made “space fillers” were not any where near true fulfillment.  In that state, I missed God.  I failed to see his glory.  Just as my hurt seemed unbearable, he reminded me who he said he was and I cried out, I need you!  I need you now!  I pleaded, if indeed you are who you say you are, give me strength to make it past this moment.  Almost instantly His peace, His glory surrounded me.  The whole night I could sense my woes attempting to despair me, but each time they did, I felt him, like a bear hug, just wrap me completely in peace.  He would not even allow my mind to think about the things which troubled it.  It was like he came and said “I am your shelter and refuge from the storm, in me you will be protected from all harm.  And just that I was.

 God’s presence is like Whoa!  There’s nothing sweeter than feeling him.  I don’t even want to use the word feeling because it can’t encompass the experience.  It’s like being in a room with a million screaming people, but having a hush come over you that fades out everything else going on around you.  It’s like standing out in sub zero weather, but feeling a warmth moving through out your body warming you from the inside out and wrapping it’s self all around you.  God’s glory is heavier than ten thousand pounds, there is nothing to compare it to and why should there be?  God’s glory is simply put, massive.


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