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Climbing the mountain

on September 26, 2012

This past weekend I was in Nevis.  I starred at the mountain there, trying to fathom what it would take to climb it.  At first glance I thought, it wouldn’t be too hard.  Of course, that was from a distance.  As I moved nearer to it, I could see clearly that it would actually be quite a difficult task.  The mountain is rigid.  It has many steep sections to it, as well as it is covered in very dense bush.  There are also wild animals living on it.  Climbing this mountain, I would have to imagine, would be quite the challenge.  I’m in no way prepared for such a task, but I hope to be next time I go.

Now, I’m thinking to myself that the mountain of faith is an even more difficult journey.  For how long now I’ve been just lingering around the bottom of this mountain.  I’ve been desiring to take the journey, but not readying myself for it or making any attempt to put the first foot forward.  Well, tonight I’ve decided to start packing my bags because I need to take this journey and I need to conquer.  James Macdonald is doing a 15 month study of the book of John. The premise is Authentic Jesus.  If I’m gonna make this journey the one thing I need with me more than anything is Jesus. I need to know him because he ultimately will be my compass, my flashlight, my trail mix and energy bars.  He’s my map, my rope, my bandages.  Jesus my lord will direct my path, Jesus my savior will mend my broken ness and make me whole.  Bottom line is I could never do this alone.  God I am so happy that I don’t have to do this alone.  Thank you.


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