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Lovely is your dwelling place…

on January 30, 2012

This is gonna be brief, but sweet.  Psalm 84:1, Lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty…where exactly is that?  For the most part we think of Heaven, but actually, Jesus dwells inside our hearts.  I’ve been learning a lot about the heart lately, about it’s wickedness, but also about it’s redemption.  Deep inside the believer’s heart, no matter where we are in our walk with Christ, whether in the desert place or basking in the light, Christ is in our hearts because on that day when we first believed, we invited him in. 

Right now I’m on a journey from the worldly vainities of insecurity to humble, God centred security.  This is a reminder to me that I don’t just represent Jamie when I’m driving down the street, on my job or in the mall…I’m the dwelling place of my Lord, the temple of his Spirit.  I represent Him and I have the honor of being able to display to unbelievers just how awesome and mighty he is through allowing Him to work through me.  We get to make choices in life, we can choose to have joy in all circumstances and to allow others to see that joy.  That joy tht makes people question, where does your peace come from.  It’s not easy, but it’s more than worth it.  So today when you’re tempted to anger, impatience or some other ungoldly trait, remember who lives in you.

Almighty Lord, how privileged we are to not only know you, but to belong to you and to have received you inside our hearts.  God you reside in us to empower us to overcome the world.  Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.  May those words ring loud and clear in the believers ears Father.  May your promises be the solid rock of foundation on which we place our hope. and may it be from that place that our delgihts derive.  And not only our delights, but also our securities.  We belong to the King of the universe and we possess a treasure to be displayed in jars of clay that all may see how awesome, mighty and worthy of praise our Lord is.  Thank you for who you are and for who you’ve made us through the redemption of our hearts and souls.  We are blessed and we bless your name.  All praises to you  God through the blood which has cleansed us.  Amen


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