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on December 1, 2011

Ever think to yourself, “I wanna know more about God”.  I don’t think we usually have thoughts like that.  I think maybe at times we think, “I don’t know a whole lot of the bible”, but that’s an entirely different thought from “I wanna know more about God” or I wanna know God more intimately”.  Sometimes Christianity seems overwhelming.  It feels like there’s so many restrictions and rules to follow.  However, that simply is not true.  Christianity is not about rules and regulations, it’s about love and morality.  We are to love God and act morally because we love Him.  Morals are simply knowing right from wrong.  One has to wonder why so often we get upset or overwhelmed at the thought of having to choose to do what our conscience tells us is right instead of choosing to do wrong.  I guess that’s what having a sinful nature is though.

We live in a world that twists morals.  Often right is wrong and wrong is right.  The world says “love yourself first”, God says “love others”.  The world says “be proud”, God says “be humble”.  The world says “follow your heart”, God says “the heart is deceitful, follow me”.  The world says “chase after riches”, God says “ do not store treasures on earth”.  I mean, I could go on all day.  So many Christians follow worldly values and wonder why they have no peace.  So they use eastern meditation and go see psychologists who analyze why they feel that way.  Really the answer is simple, meditate on the word, reminding ourselves of God’s truths and recognize that sin is what causes us unrest and obedience to God brings a peace that the world can not understand. I wonder if a psychologist will ever tell you that.

God has known us since the beginning of time, each one of us personally.  It is crazy to wrap our brain around that, but that’s what he’s told us.  He’s infinite and eternal existing outside of time.  We need to recognize that there are many things which are possible for God that are impossible for us.  The fact is, he knows you better than you know yourself.  He knows the words you’ll speak before they leave your lips, even before the thoughts enter you mind.  That is the greatness of our God and even more so that is how intimately he knows each of us.  Now, we’ll never know him that well, but shouldn’t we at least try.  There’s so much to know about him, we can never know it all.  So then shouldn’t we try to continually know him deeper?  You don’t have to be a bible scholar to know God.  His very Spirit leaves within us. 1 John teaches us that we’ve been chosen and he is with us and we don’t need anyone to teach us.  Please don’t think I’m saying stop going to church or bible study.  Just understand that church and bible study and other believers don’t define your relationship with God, they don’t grow it.  That’s all you and the Spirit within you.  So feed on the word.  Chew on it day and night.  Get to know our God and He will give you peace, rest, joy and hope.


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