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on November 29, 2011

Sin…a small white lie or big bloody murderer.  A little girl asked me if white lies counted as lies.  She said “but they’re only little”.  Often times I think we put try to weigh sin like that, the little ones don’t really count.  Do you realize that Jesus Christ died to take on all sin?  He died even for that little white lie, that pen from your coworkers desk without asking, that wish for misfortune to that grumpy old man, that telling the homeless guy you have no change while on your way to Timmie’s to spend the toonie in your pocket.  Sin is sin, big or small it’s sin and God can’t stand it to the extent that Christ’s life had to be taken in order to buy us good standing with God.

Love: the greatest commandment, the one that covers all the rest.  With no love, how can one say they truly know Christ.  Love, not a mushy feeling, but sacrificial action, one that puts others before yourself, one that ultimately puts God before any and everything.  Love asks, what is the will of God in this situation?  Am I representing him, but showing his glory and honoring him with my choice?  That is love.  Sin, even the smallest sin, has no love in it.

So, how do we measure sin, by our conscience and when in doubt, by the Word.  Are we nailing Christ to that cross or are we making a a beautiful sound to his ears?

Shall I stay or walk away

I’m afraid to ask

The task at hand is major

One I wish not to explore

But it’s need to be done by someone

And I’m here right now and able

If I leave it, am I wrong

Someone stronger than me may come along

Someone better and more willing…may

What shall I do

Well, God doesn’t need me does he

No, not need, but he can use me…if I so allow



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