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Seeking Him

on November 28, 2011

He who always was, will forever be

Though little me may have not seen

May not have touched or heard him speak

One can’t deny his infinite presence

Further his whole essence lies within his Word

Given to wretches that we may be saved

Not by works that we’d boast, but by grace that we’d toast our King

With him we will reign, seated on thrones

Dressed and adorned

And in this we rejoice even amidst trial and pain and doubt

In fear we have courage motivated by hope

It’s our faith and our own broken will

These are the things that push through the darkness

Find redeeming light, pushing sin out of sight

And we seek out forgiveness and turn from the wrong

Holding strong our convictions, condemned by HIm no more

I’m reading 1 John.  It’s been a while since I really sought God.  He’s been so entirely faithful to me though.  Reminds of how unworthy I am of his grace, but also of how unchangeable and true he ALWAYS remains.  So the same ol song is sung by the brethren, oh sinful man I am, why I do the things I know I should not do and do not do the things I know I should…laziness, gluttony, lust, pride…whatever is holding me back from greatness not only promised, but already given.  So once again I cry out and hope for the best cause what I know for sure is that in and of myself I will find no healing, peace or freedom.

Father your word is true and good.  Your word is powerful enough to soften the hardest heart and make the devil cringe.  So it must be powerful enough to change my mind and lead me from temptation.  Lord forgive me for thinking I could ever get away with anything at all that does not please you and lift you up on high.  Father cleanse me, purify my heart and make it true.  Help me to always see you in all I do and never forget that you see me in all I do and not only what I do, but I say and what I think and feel.  I can keep no secrets from you and I don’t even want to.  I want my life Lord to be an open book telling the story of a sinful being who clings to a savior with a full pledged faith and lives victoriously because with all my heart I know I have the victory.  Lord my life can only be transformed through and by you so I pray today, transform me…make me whole.


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