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Prayer Time

on November 28, 2011

Heavenly Father, you simply put me at awe.  Whenever I think I know Lord, you show that it is you, not I.  I praise you for your power and mite.  I praise you Lord that you could look upon a teeny being such as myself with pride.  You see me and you love me and you hold me up extending mercy and justice to my life. How a magnificent God such as you, the one and only Lord over all the universe can hold me as dear and beloved, hallejuah, bless your name.  Father God I place in you all my trust and understanding.  I lean Lord on your goodness and your forgiveness, I place my hope in your wisdom alone.  Mold me Lord into who you would have me to be and lead me where you would have me be.  May your will be mine as I bow in humility before your throne.  I thank you for each and every day, for every moment that I have with you and pray God that you would be my centre around which every decision and action is formed.  I thank you so much for Connecting Streams and the vision to help women around this globe embark on intentional mission to lift high your name through intimacy with you which builds love and compassion for others.  Father may you bless this ministry greatly and guide every participant along their way.  Help me to know with no doubt if this is where you would have me to be and keep me trusting in you as my provider and sustainer for all times.  In the name that saves the damned, may all honor and glory be yours. Amen


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