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Pick up your stuff

on November 26, 2011

Whew, I just dodged a bullet. Or did I? 

Tripping over my own stuff

Thrown all over the floor

You probably think I’m careless

But maybe I care too much

to put things in any order

Afraid I’ll forget where I placed them

On that shelf over there

at least when I’m tripping I remember em

Or is that simply an excuse

Cause reality is I don’t do anything with them

And that isn’t really fair

Fear of what they can do may be the problem

Yeah, that’s probably it

I’m afraid they’ll change me into something I can’t live up to continuously

Humph, maybe I’d rather just stay here mediocre

Now that I know I can do

When life gives us lemons often instead of making lemonade we just complain of how sour they are. Yet God’s given us the sweetest sugar ever and we so often just toss it aside.  I’ve been reminded of what a glorious gift of grace has been bestowed upon me.  In that I’m reminded of my sin, my selfishness.  Why I do the things I know I shouldn’t and don’t do the things I know I should. Why I excuse this behavior.  And still tomorrow will likely be the same.  What will it take to change me, transform me, make me see the urgency.  Broken-ness… and I’ll complain when it comes, but it’ll be the best thing ever to happen to me.


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