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on October 11, 2011

I asked for it, and as much as God has tried repeatedly to give it to me I pushed it away…until today.  For months now I’ve known that I needed my heart to be revived, I’ve been barely breathing, not dead because I know that I know Christ and I know where my trust and my hope belong, but knowing isn’t doing.  Today I recommit myself to do. I can’t just live for me. Living for me is no different than following Islam, or Scientology, or any other false faith.  I can’t live for me, it isn’t what I’ve been designed for.  I’ve been designed to give God the glory, to give him my all because He gave his all for me first.

Yes, on the cross he died, but from the grave he rose. I’ve been hanging out at the cross for far too long.  Getting by on the fact that I know I’m forgiven, but not living anew.  Today I’m making a decision to live the life of one resurrected from the dead, one given the opportunity to do it over, to do it right this time.  There’s no excuse not to.

I had the privilege to attend a prayer meeting with fellow believers from Kenya and as they introduced themselves to me they said their names, but each followed their name with a declaration of who they really are…a believer of Jesus Christ, reborn, filled with the Spirit.  It was an awesome witness and motivation for me to remember and acknowledge my identity.  That was two weeks ago.  Since then day by day God been showing me that where I am is not where he desires me to be and day by day until this moment I’ve denied him.  No more…no more.  You see, there’s no peace in me. Peace is in Him.  I can not try because I can not do, it is Him who does.  So I’m letting go and letting God and yes, that sounds cliche and it sounds so much easier said than done, but my faith will not believe in anything less than the power that rose Christ from the dead living in me.  I HAVE to believe that for this faith thing, this Christian thing to work because truth be told, it’s really hard to fight a war against things unseen.  I mean the seen stuff is hard enough, but the subtle lies, the indoctrinated deceits that constantly invade my thoughts, that seem so harmless but fester and grow into these huge, huge burdens and sins…so real and so hard to fight…on my own.  But praise the Lord, I’m not on my own.  I used to use this analogy in the prisons, the handcuffs have been unlocked, but you have to take them off.  My dad compared it to slavery in the south.  He said that many slaves didn’t know what to do with freedom because they were so used to being slaves, so they just stayed on the plantations.  We can not stay where we are.  I don’t care if you’ve been saved 1 day or 50 years, we have no right to stay where we are because we have so far yet to go.  I want to be free.  I AM free, but I have to live it and it requires patience, it requires sacrifice, it requires dependence and devotion.  You have freedom, will you stay in the handcuffs? Will you remain on the plantation? Or will embrace this new life and soar like a eagle, uninhibited, fearless, courageous, bold…FREE!


Uninhibited by the boundaries that once bound me

Uncertain and hopeless

Living in fear

No more

No more

Lies in me the discontent, the unsatisfaction of selfish ambitions

Which sold me out to a world that maims me

Holding me back from my true purpose

Integrity now strives to be my dignity

I’ve made this choice, now I must walk

In truth, in life, in love

With He who saved me

Who I must worship in entirety

With all of me

In thought,

In speech,

In deed

I will do as I’m saying because I owe my whole being

Rich in spiritual things

Once elementary, now mature…post secondary…striving to graduate

I master in the art of obedience

Yielding to allow Him ahead of me

I roundabout and keep on going down the highway of this life

Final destination engaged, though travel times unknown

I need no mapquest for this search

founded in sound doctrine which requires discipline

I will follow Thee’s law which reveals to me my shame that I might aim

For elevation above the simple games of people unredeemed

See me, I’m purchased at a cost so in me is the loss of pride

which stems from self

esteem instead to lift on high the name of he who purchased me

The story has been told, not sold, but given freely

Gleefully heard and accepted

by those who have repented putting themselves on display

to be seen by the broken, the hopeless, the lost

repeating the story time and time again


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