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I will Follow

on August 8, 2011

So long to the alien perspective of an unknown, I’ve been found.  Not that I was lost in being, but rather I lost my being.  I thought I was what I was not.

As I stare now at my reflection I actually see realistically. No more false perception.

In all honesty the reason why I lied is that I am not all I could be, no where near where I should be, yet exactly where I need to be…though not where I’d like to be

Many miles traveled have broken me.  My soul is strained and weary.  Yet it is now, in this very state, my Spirit can rejoice in me because it is now, in this very state, I recognize I’m carried

To have walked alone I may have never come this far.  No.  To have walked alone I would have fallen long ago

Today I look beyond me to see someone so much greater. My enabler.  My dierctor.  Today I give over my stubborn pride and bow down to Him.  Today I will follow His lead.


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