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on July 25, 2011

This is an oldie, but goodie which I had not posted…

Two become one

uninhibited pleasure

of joy beyond joy

that one’s heart can not measure

more than merely an act of gratification

a symbol of love

a representation

of that which comes down from above

a man leaves his mother and father

only home he’s ever known

to make a sacrificial decision

his unselfishness shown

giving up of self to increase his wealth

not of things, but of being

no longer individual

taking on a partner in crime

but more than a word rhyme

she was formed from his rib

part of his structure

so there should be no women’s lib-eration

erasing God’s intended plan

of one woman, one man

together uniting

two become… one plus one equals one

where’s the logical sense here

it’s not mere mathematics

it’s a supernatural reflection of glory given unto the lowly

the unholy will see just the physical here

but beyond the eye’s sight is a spiritual plight

sex when experienced in its proper light

carries a weight of emancipation and sight

for the blind and new legs for the lame

likeness of his redeeming song

captivated set free

As the groom shall cum to fulfill his bride’s longing

well and worth the wait

erection of the kingdom

come to earth

procreating a spiritual rebirth

of a former slave now set free

dumb given a voice

to tell the tale of how mercy prevailed

love making


temptation of uncleanliness

with the hopeful anticipation

of a promise of new creation

shown in every miracle of life

when a new baby is birthed

to a mother on earth

and the cycle recycles

a man shall leave his mother and father

a woman shall become his bride

both submitting in love to love

in a holy union


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