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Discipline of Defeat

on July 25, 2011

Trials and tribulation redefined, inspired by praise of the Almighty ONE

A new light reflected reveals awesome grace that distinguishes what once appeared to be defeat

In HIM there is no such thing, but only victorious reign over ALL

A glory not to be compared to any worldly thing because no worldly thing compares

more than conquerers are we who choose to dwell in his presence with knees bowed

Face to the ground the brilliance of His majesty may blind physical sight, but allows for vision and insight beyond all physical measures

20/20 with no assistance, perfect clarity

It is my greatest pleasure to serve, just to be called His

Oh glorious day you found me shattered and scattered here and there, put me back together and gave me a new imperishable foundation

Redeemed, forgiven, transformed right now and forever

It’s amazing how many places God can see you through in one day.  Lately my emotions have been all over the place.  I’m reconnecting with my first love.  I’m regaining the disciplines that allowed me to see him as I once did, so that I can love him that way once more.  So it’s been up and down and all around and I’ll only say this much…I’m so glad that God is unchangable and not flighty like me.  He loves me the same always…even as I’m trying to figure out just how it is I love Him.


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