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Out of Me

on July 24, 2011

It’s ringing loud and clear, yet I sit still and only hear the sound, but fail to answer the call

It isn’t that the desire is not here, just that the effort seems so unbearable in the moment

My mind and body feel weak, though I know there is strength within to pull me up

The nagging feeling keeps me here; like a stone figure frozen in time with no hope of change unless broken

The whys are endless.  They only compare me with meaningless, empty circumstances that don’t begin to understand the perplexities of my dilemma

This angers me…to an extent and yet saddens me to another

I’m reaching, yet not grasping on to anything that can pull me up to anywhere better than this place

Someone please take my shovel, I’ve dig a hole far too deep and wide to spear me from the plunge

Now I must find a way to cross it without drowning in the tears that quickly fill it

Life and all it’s complications, the twists, the turns, the ups and downs…where is stability

Perhaps it just isn’t meant to be or maybe, just maybe it isn’t a state to be reached by my own efforts

This thought impacts me and leaves an impression

Perhaps I’ve held the wrong position all along

My physical being is bleak, yet within me is someone so far beyond meekness

My search for a hero always began in the mirror and failed in the place it begun

So I’m redirecting my glare and my longing, refocussing my energy.

There is more for me and it’s all within reach of the One who came to save me from myself.

Now if you’ll excuse me, someone’s ringing my bell.


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