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fight for your right

on July 22, 2011

bombs over head

guns in hand

and yet few even attempt to take a stand

to what ends

must we face

war and starvation first hand

before our own indignation erases our selfish ambitions

and seeks out salvation for all

what must it come to

why must we fall

why is it not enough to view another’s and run to answer their call

aide is not enough when the human condition’s an incurable heart

fiilled with evil intentions

that fails to mention the need of redemption

can’t listen to the lies

as intelligence spies

tries to sell us false hope

given man’s army to cope

There’s only one general who wiil win this war

and the thing is that his army is small

when compared in physical measures

few will turn to Him and take up the sword

in which evey Word cuts and penetrates beyond flesh and marrow

i’m trying to show you that yes there is hope in tomorrow

but we gotta be willing to let sorrow be our first round of ammunation

sorrow that an innocent had to give His life

sorrow that becomes anger out of His own right-

eous which stems from true love.

you know the kind that beams down from above.

The time is now to put me aside

The time is now to by His law abide

Top general in a universial battalion

Never lost one yet, never ever will

Most because he already foot the bill



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