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on July 21, 2011

Alert is out, M.I.A

the search party’s on it’s way

description needed as the cry is pleaded

taken for granted until today

just paid no attention what more can i say

now the void is so deeply felt

the realization of truth’s been dealt


in a manner i felt was harsh

though i knew the truth hurt

it seemed to come so cour-teous-


any empathy for me

my shame now acknowledged

i don’t need no college

degree to get my pHD in human emotion

there’s no magic potion to ease my wounded soul

hope to soon see light reveal an answer

shine bright and end my quest

lest i become bitter

And litter my grudges

drudging sanitized names

trying to make someone else take the blame

sad reality is I was on the trace

Acting like I was above all grace

So I ran and chased what I needed away

Now the sirens a ringing and I just wanna say


Prayer I’ve found you today

No matter how tough our circumstance in life, God is never MIA so our prayer life need neither be.



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