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Hefty Cost

on July 18, 2011

Alrighty, so today I’m in Luke.  I’m reading about the rich man and Lazarus…actually I’m doing a sermon on it.  So I was reading chapters 14, 15 and 16 and thinking to myself…dag, I’m such a Pharisee…and dude, that ain’t a good thing.  So a little info for ya, when Jesus speaks to Pharisees he’s either rebuking or correcting their behavior because they think they know everything and Jesus wants to show them that they do not know better than God.  At one point he even calls them sons of satan…ouch!  Not a name I wanna be known by, but as I read these chapters and the message hit me…I mean like BOOM, uppercut to the jaw followed by a swift hook right in the eye and a knee to the groin…I’m talking a major, major hit…I am not much better than a Pharisee.

Sometimes we have to take a hard and long look in the mirror and call ourselves out on our sin.  I have pride…known this for well…ever.  And God’s been breaking it bit by bit for at least 2 years now, but somehow I always manage to build it back up.  Stubborn as I am, I know it’s wrong and I don’t want it.  Here’s what I’m looking at…in chapter 14 Jesus the cost of being his follower is to hate my family and give up everything I have…what he’s saying is…nothing in your life should mean more to you than God and there is no sacrifice too large for you to give in order to be obedient to God.  Did you feel that?  Continuing on Jesus says God loves people who know that they suck without Him.  He loves people who swallow their pride and say God I need you, only you save my soul from the punishment I so deserve…not anything I do or say, but merely my faith in you God makes me alright to you.  Uggh, I’m bleeding.  It doesn’t end there, this is only the pre-context before the actual passage I’m working on.

Ah the rich man…ah me!  I sit back and enjoy my sheltered life as a surburban princess without much of a thought of those less fortunate than me.  Last year I had a major passion for prostitutes and homeless youth.  But I had no compassion…you see I cared, I had concern, but compassion, that’s an action.  that would’ve been me doing something about it…didn’t happen.  This passage shows us that we can live it up on earth and not think twice about those in need of physical and spiritual food…but we will pay in the afterlife…by then it’ll be too late.  So the moral of the story…live for Christ today, share his word, share his life, be his rep.  Give abundantly of your money, your time, your abilities…do it generously, unselfishness…do it for Jesus…before it’s too late.


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