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Jump, jump rejoice!

on July 14, 2011

Ah, so we meet again!  I’ll be real honest here, I feel like Paul right now, you know where he’s like I do what I know I shouldn’t do…  It’s been sooo hard for me to focus on what I KNOW I should be doing.  Some people may look at my life and think, gee, you do a lot good stuff for people…i’d say you’re alright.  But here’s the thing…I know better.

Today I did a study on Revelation 19:1-7.  How many times will God slap you upside the head and tell you to get it in gear…as many as it takes to get you to actually listen!!  So I’m just include verse 7 here because it’s the focus:

Revelation 19:7 Let us rejoice and be glad
and give him glory!
For the wedding of the Lamb has come,
and his bride has made herself ready.

Verses one through six are all about how the angels and the church are praises God up in the Heavens because His judgement has taken place on earth and the world system has been set ablaze.  Finally the saints are avenged!  But here, in verse 7, the focus is on the bride aka the church aka you and I.  Humph, imagine that we are the bride of the Lamb aka Jesus.  Let me paint a picture…on earth the biggest day of a girl’s life is her wedding right…I mean childbirth is pretty amazing too, but realistically, we put way more planning and dreamng into our wedding days.  Not just the wedding itself, but the guy that we’ll marry or want to marry.  I can’t speak for men here because I’m not one, but I’d imagine dudes don’t take lightly who they wanna spend their lives with.  I mean this chick’s gonna maybe be changing your diapers one day, assuming you live to a rip ol’ age.  Bottom line, who we marry is a HUGE decision.  Well guess what party people…Jesus marries us!

Don’t think of Him like an earthly husband though.  You see our marriages as humans should look like Christ’s marriage, not the other way around. Jesus is the perfect husband.  He loves us, protects us, forgives us, puts us as his absolute first priority, he laid down his very life for us…he’s the real deal.  Right now it’s like all Christians are engaged to Jesus, but in verse 7, it’s our wedding day…the day we’ve waited for since the day we first believed in Him.  Get excited, shout, dance, sing, this is it, this is it!!!  But please recognise that the bride was ready.  She was all adorned in her jewels and her dress, her hair and make up were tight. she was the hot ish becuase she prepared herself for her man.

People, this is a sweet reminder, we must be ready when Christ returns.  He’ll come like a theif in the night, in the blink of an eye and we won’t have time to get ready once he’s already here.  So get right with God, put on your spiritually armour daily. Sharpen the sword of the spirit aka the Word of God.  It isn’t the good stuff we do that prepares us for Christ, it His power within us, that we allow to reign over us that makes us ready.  We have to lay down our lives and take up the cross.  Be ready, you don’t wanna miss this party.

Awesome Ruler, I’m speaking this message to myself more than anyone.  I need to hear it and believe it.  I need to do what it teaches.  God you’re everything I got, but Lord you’re all that I need.  I know this is true, help me to feel it and live it.

Far away I stray each and everyday

Searching for what I already have

Hoping to find purity in impurity

My heart just tells me lies

But I know that I know what I know

I know who I know is you

And the blessed assurance within me

Is in that Lord, you know me too

Ain’t no reason for blues singin here

Ain’t no reason to have any fear

Life gets hard and times will beat me down

But it’s in you alone peace is found

You’re the savior of those once laid dead

Breathe of life you erased all our dread

I praise you now for all the long day

And when challenged it’s your name I’ll pray

Hallejuah Almighty on high

Thank you for each day by and by



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