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Rich Bride, Poor Bride

on April 20, 2011

Consumed by an overindulgent reality

Of greed and hypocrisy

where value is said to be internal

but said values are external

to what one truly believes

the world

exceeds the boundaries of materialism

spilling into super-duper-ficialities

of beauty not in the eye of the beholder

but rather defined by industries

that target to make man into a moulded


everyone should be the same

though tolerance is highly praised

it looks to me like ignorance

is not bliss

but mere stupidity

we make excuses for our abuses

of grace we have to be free

but from what

free from loving human beings

from putting others before ourselves

free to be selfish and greedy

it would seem

at least 80% of the world’s wealth

belongs to less than 20% of the people

who couldn’t care less so long as our bellies are full

of pride we don’t realize that we are that 20%

Yes, You and I

Yes, us, that’s right look me in my eyes

Did I stutter

The mere thought causes me to shudder

cause we continually complain

that we want more and more

than we deserve

to be better than this or that


I don’t even understand how that goes about,

better than another

lie sold to the masses

of mixed and accepted classes

running the rat run

striving for a place on top

everyone wants to be big boss

even at a loss of self respect,

integrity has been missing in action

It’s time to turn back to truth

the time to go home always comes

Just as it did in Ruth

Only home will bring about a redeemer

Cause that’s where he dwells

In the places of holiness

His story tells

of unselfish love when he gave up his life

Came down from the heavens

From his throne of gold

to live among sinners

so utterly depraved that they thought they were winners

so mindless and heartless they cursed his name

And even amidst this he loved all the same

Traveling around and healing the lame

He came to set free the captive heart

From all of its deception

To write his name on every part

To offer freely a brand new life free from strife

Though few would accept his precious gift

Their obedience was sufficient as his grace

And so he left at the cause of a brutal death

Rising up to go and prepare a place

So that one day when this “worldly” world disappears

And sounds of trumpets wail in the air

They will usher in with them the final answer to hope

And they’ll be no more worry

Just a positive scope

Of a brand new heaven and earth

Eden restored, humanity redeemed

Eternally living in peace and harmony


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