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something to be proud of

on April 7, 2011

Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.  1 Cor 1

In and of myself I have nothing to offer.  I’m not special all by myself.  I’m not wise, not beautiful. In and of myself I’m nothing.  So many people wandering round. They seek and do not find.  What is the purpose of life.  How does one define themselves.  Are we merely human?  Are we just as we are and nothing more. The answer that now seems so clear, once was far and vague.  I remember.  That period of life seemed so non-sensicle.  I remember searching far and wide, trying to build myself up. I needed to be the best.  To have my name written in the stars.  I wanted to be important and yet the closer I came to reaching my ambitions, the more my heart broke and yearned for healing.  We can put on the best performance, be the prettiest one, have the most intellect.  If we don’t know why or even understand how we came to be, what does any of it mean?  Whom shall we please, ourselves? Our neighbours?  Who counts and what makes one life more valuable than the next?  I’m proud to say that I am nothing on my own.  My worth, my identity, my purpose, wisdom, beauty, all, everything that is me comes from the one who made me and I will serve him all my days and boast in Him alone.


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