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Popeye, eat your spinach

on March 31, 2011

Hoekie Dina!! Alrighty, so yesterday it hit me, jumping jubilee school’s almost finished.  Not a big deal to some, but when you’re graduating after a four year degree and have no job lined up…a HUGE deal.  So, I did what most people would do…I worried.  Man, I won’t lie, I was straight scared for a minute.  So I did what most people wouldn’t do…I had a conversation with God.  Isn’t it funny…or not so funny, the way He just slaps you up side the head like, “Child, did you not hear me the first, secondl, third, fourth, fifth and sixteenth time…birds aren’t flying around asking, gee God what will I eat today, so why do you think I’m not going to provide for you”  So, there I was reminded that He’s already brought me through so much, and it hasn’t all been easy, but he’s always been there with me.  I’m starting a new phase in life.  I have no clue what or where or when or how, but I do know why…because I decided to follow Jesus and make him Lord over my life…now, I just need to be obedience.  I need to pray.  I need to listen.  I need to wait.

Reading through Ephesians 1, “we who were first to put our hope in Christ, might be to the praise of his glory”…Called to  his imcomparably great power…the same power that rasised Christ from the dead.  I can’t even write this coherantly so…

Like a demoliation ball as it crashes through a wall

Concrete crumbles like broken glass shatters

Tiny little pieces of displaced matter

What once was no longer is

But room’s been made for something better

Collected dust now thrown away

Time for new foundation to be laid

In order that a new creation may be made

That right there is Christ in me

Clean out the sin, the guilt, the shame

I can never be the same

Old man buried

New flesh alive

Possesses power more sound than tungsten

Beauty more precious than Igazu

Qualities that can’t be put to words

This is the new strength that I now hold

In light of this it’s time to be bold

Time to step out on faith in love

Time to shout all glorious praise to Him above

I’m trying to let you see what Jesus Christ has done for me

I’m changed, so different now

I’m strong even when I’m weak

I’m all together even when I’m torn apart

Because his Holy Spirit’s leading my heart

New found places, wide open spaces

I’m shutting no doors to him

He’s reigning over my life

He’s taken away all my strife

I have hope now, hope I never knew

Hope that some so easily skew

It’s not for today and it isn’t about me

I understand that and I want you to see

There’s so much more that awaits us away from here

So much more and nothing to fear so long as you hear

And open your heart

So my Jesus can tear it apart and put it back together…right

Oh merciful father, Lord over my life.  Praises to you who sits in heaven on my behalf. Praises to the God who created all things, gives meaning to life.  Lord the birds sing out to you and you bless them with provision and love.  Father may I live as the birds, trusting in you, having peace in knowing that you’re my provider, my strength and my hope.  Lord it is you who allows me to cope in all circumstances.  I love you Lord.  May I glorify you all the days of my life.  Called, set apart, chosen, adopted, I accept the responsibility of being your child.  Father may I only begin to access the strength which you have provided, which no man, no power or dominion can defeat.  You are everything, everything to me.  Amen



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