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…the Lord make his face shine on you…

on March 28, 2011

If you’ve never heard Charles Price from People’s Church in Toronto preach…give him a listen.  He has this way of teaching theology, but making it super easy to relate to and of using really cool analogies to bring scripture into real life relevance. And boy oh boy does he hit you with truth.

So yesterday he said a few things that really struck me.  One is that in the new testament Jesus is spoken of as our savior 24 times verses as our Lord over 600 times.  he explains the significance of this saying, “I married my wife and everyday she cooks for me, but I don’t call her my cook, she’s my wife.  To simply call her my cook would insulting, though she does cook for me.”  This to say, yes Jesus saved us, but he’s so much more than our savior.  He’s our Lord.  He should be Lord over our lives.  We need to see him us Lord in order to give him our lives and allow him to take the lead.  Yes, he saved us, but to merely have saved us just puts us slipping in the back door of heaven.  In saving us, we don’t yield to his rule, we don’t give over our lives.  We just take the grace of his blessing.  Jesus is Lord, ruler, judge, king…a person who has authority, control or power over others….THE God who has authority, control and power over us.  This is our Lord. Saving a small, yet big, but part of what he does.

He talked about repentance, saying that it isn’t merely apologizing for our sins, but requires us to give up our desires, yield our will and allow Jesus to be Lord, accept his Holy Spirit and allow it to guide us.  He said, “you’re not a sinner because you sin, you sin because you’re a sinner”  Speaking about the fact that children are born sinners.  We never have to teach them to be naughty, they just do it.  They sin because they are sinners.  We are sinners and only our Lord has the power through His Spirit within us to curb our sin.  How you like dem apples?!!!  I like em a lot.

If Christ be the radiance of God in Heaven

Then I be the radiance of Christ in Heaven

And a shimmering ray of light and hope on earth

Not that I am the hope, but He who is in me

Shining through me, as I let him be

Lord of my life, taking full control

His light shining bright the masses will see

His glorious light blazing through you and me

Lord God, ruler over my life, Father I praise your mighty name.  A name that defines the true essence of power and soveriegnty.  A name that controls all the earth, the universe, heavens and seas, Lord God awesome King.  Lord take the reins.  May your Spirit within me not be greived or hindered, but might I get out of your way.  All my selfish, sinful desire at your feet I lay.  Yes, your son death has set me free, but free to be yours fully and completely.  Free to accept Him as Lord.  Jesus take the wheel.  Dilrect my paths oh Lord.  You said the meek would inherit the earth, not the heavens, but the earth here today.  As wars accumalate and poverty increases, persecution increases, Lord you are sovereign still and lead me beside quiet waters.  Your are my rock and foundation that brings peace and joy everlasting.  Forget me not, as you are my creator, who knew me by name even before my conception.  You have chosen me and now I chose you, to allow you to do what you do as Lord over me.  May I never put you in a box or take your grace for granted, but create in me a new image, one that bears Christ’s image that I may stand for him alone.  May your face shine upon me as you bless my life.  All praises to you Lord, all power and might forever you’ll reign.  Amen



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