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Joy comes in the morning

on March 24, 2011

No simplier can I say it than I’m sorry.

As I read through Philippians today…first bible reading in weeks…I can’t help but to cry because I realize how gracious God is.  I mean, honestly there are times when I don’t even try to try to love Him.  You know, I’m not getting to know him like I should.  Instead of straining toward the goal, I dwell in what’s behind.

Speaking to a friend yesterday she said, we have all we need to overcome any sin, any obstcle, but we choose defeat, we choose to live defeated lives.  Why? Because it’s what we’ve used to.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Paul, in chains proclaims his joy, his love, his hope, his strength. He’s sending encouragement to people who are not in chains.

We truly have the good life right now.  Nothing hinders us from following Jesus other than the sin we so easily entangle ourselves in.  There’s no persecution.  We’re not dying for Christ like he died for us. Still it won’t always be this way.  North America needs to wake up. Hard times will come and the question is will we stand, united as one body, will we continue to proclaim Christ’s name even in the faceof death and torture.  I say, bring it on.  Maybe that’s exactly what we need so that we stop taking our faith for granted.

Blessed God in Heaven you reign over all the earth.  You watch me and allow me to make decisions but you gave me the comforter to help me make the right ones.  I can admit I don’t always look out for your best interest, yet you always look for mine.  You will complete the work you have started in me and on that faithful day of Lord I will be completely restored.  Praises to you dear God, hallelujah.  Please lord hear my cry, I want you, I need you, not just in parts but as a whole.  Take all of me


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