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Just say thanks

on March 23, 2011

Slapped by pride once again

I stride in the wrong direction

Arrogance keeps me from receiving my due correction

And all I have to keep from stumbling over my own two feet

Is undeserved merit from my blessed hero

It’s like cupid’s struck me with his magic bow

I feel the sweet sting of his arrow

Straight through my heart and piercing my soul

If only this joy could last for long

It isn’t long before I forget

Tomorrow I let my stupid regret back into my life

Pride once more takes me for a ride

I’m on a rollercoaster with no seat belt

It’s more dangerous than russian roulette

Every second another trigger pulled

Upside down, inside out, spinning all about

Why when I know what I know do I do what I do

Why when I say I choose you do I continously lose

I’m a victor, I should claim my reward

I should constantly move toward it

But instead here I stand as though I am alone

Acting the fool, trying to appear cool

I know sooner or later you’ll take me to skool

I’ll learn the hard way what I refused to learn today

It’s not right, I know this, I really do

But it’s not easy, believe me I know that too

Guess what it really all boils down to is I have to be better at following you

It’s the path I decided I want to take

So now I have to stop being a fake

It’s time to get genuine

To not take for granted all I’ve been given

The grace, the mercy, the love and forgivenness

I can admit that right now I’m a mess

But you’re the soapy cloth to my dirt

I can’t continue to flirt with death

I’m no longer dying

i have to stop portraying a lie before I become the lie I portray

So there or rather here, I’m choosing you and I’m here to stay

My final decision is Lord do as you may

Humbly I’m coming before you Lord, I can come no other way.  Father still the noise inside of me I just simply want to be free.  Free to worship you and honor you completely with all my life.  Lord God forgive the sin in my life as I attempt moment by moment to hand it over to you.  I’m dying to myself and it’s hard and at times even scary, still I know joy comes in morning each and every morning as your mercies are new.  I have no excuse Lord, no excuse.  Father help me to live like the warrior I am and to war against injustice and persecution.  At the same time give me strength to endure and never lose sight of the battle.  What a privilege to be on your team.  I thank you for who you are Lord,  I thank you for all you are.  I thank you for what you’ve made me and for what I’ll one day become.  I need you, I need you, I need you more than anything.  Hear my plea oh Lord, hear me plea.


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