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My Offering

on March 18, 2011

They call to a god who they say never answers

He shares with them no intimacy

He offers them no love only punishes yet they call him just

They say he created all, yet wants no involvement with creation

Then they say there’s no logic behind our God

They tell us we worship a lie

When we see him in everything

We call to God who answers, provides, restores, who has paved our very paths

He bares to us his heart and all his desires and even gives us his last name

He punishes us because he loves us and our punishment never outweighs our grace

He created us to share in fellowship and offer back glory, to be his children

Creation in all it’s beauty only merely reflects His

Magnificent Majestic, Ruler of all, Blessed Creator, My Saviour, My Friend, Lord over all of my life.  Abba Father in all your glory reign over me I pray.  Hallelujah to my King on his throne watching over me, may I only reflect your truthfulness, love and kindness, integrity, peace and joy.  Lord God you came to save sinners from shame and disgrace With the cost of your life your blood your shame you offer not only forgiveness and healing but brand new life in full abundance.  Glory to you, Lord on high, may my praise be a sweet sound in your ear.  Created for your pleasure, you are jealous over me…over me, my Lord, may I always pay you tribute, my awe of you never fades Every day my love grows deeper. Your ways may not be my own, but your ways are always good.  even when my understanding lacks, I know you know and your knowledge is best.  I praise you Father, I praise you for your sovereignty, I praise you for your majesty, I praise you cause your you and you made me to praise you.  Blessed be your mighty name forever and ever. Amen


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