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He holds us up Part Un

on March 17, 2011

I wanna show you how awesome God is…in case you didn’t know, you should.  Yesterday I had a moment, you know those moments when you feel like you’re not up to par, you should be a better Christian, like you’ve let God down.  I write him a prayer poem.  This morning I awoke with a peace over the matter, though I still had questions so I wrote a short poem and then went to him in prayer.  Then at chapel in school we watched this video by the Skit Guys and every question, every prayer was answered…in that undefined, but rest in me, God sort of way.  So now I’m posting yesterday’s prayer, this morning’s poem and in a seperate post…my response….which you’ll likely have read before you read this…

Yesterday’s Prayer:

Same ol story, same ol song and though I’m not the only one

It’s simply no excuse.  Even if there were none other than this

wretched, wicked heart of mine, still there’d be no excuse

Not for all the abuse of such a pure and holy love

So undeserved, yet not reserved, but freely giving

you’ve claimed me, bought me at a price, the cost your very life

And here I am, not much has changed other than my new name

Outwardly appearing all still looks the same

And I know it ain’t true,looks are often deceiving, but actions speak louder than words

Though thoughts often hidden from others, yet always known by you paint a picture words could never display and you see my true heart and how large a part of it I still keep from you

You redeemed me, set me free and I choose to walk in chains

I stumble every two steps forward

I take three steps back and not for lack of knowledge of who you are and what power I have in you

No,knowledge I have, it’s wisdom I lack because I fail to fear you

the one who after I die can send me to eternal Hell and not just that,but the one whose love for me I take for granted, now that, that’s a stab in the back

Or more so many nails through the flesh deep into the wooden cross

That’s you bearing the pain of me bringing the shame again and again and again

Though it is finished and the victory is won, I’ve really only just begun to even comprehend the complexity of that in that you died and rose yes to bless me, but in order that I may live, my belief must lead me to a road where I face death every day

Death to a power as evil as him who deceives.

the sin of my own flesh, attack on self…it’s a tragedy that I choose to live for me when you died for me…here I am the dead alive fighting to survive no good nothings

all for the sake of enjoyment in sin that so easily entangled me the moment I lost sight

of you, and threw in the towel giving up the good fight…forgetting you already won the battle.

This morning’s poem:

New mercies every morning never fail to come

Impossible is nothing with you always rings true

At night I lay my head to sleep and pray to you my soul to keep

I toss and turn surrounded by the previous days woes

But in the morning, the new dawn arises inside me

And there you are as always, grace giving me so free




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