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Japan, our prayers go out to you

on March 14, 2011

It’s been 3 days since an 8.9 earthquake struck Japan, followed by a tsunami which devastated the island nation.  They say it would be shocking if less than 10 000 people are found to have died.  Whenever disaster hits we’re quick to question why.  We easily lose focus on our hope.  This is a terrible thing that has happened, but we can not lose sight of the fact that all natural disasters are the result of sin.  When God cursed Adam, Eve and the serpent, the earth was also cursed.  Land that once provided for man with no need of extra efforts became filled with thorns and thistles.  Now the nature groans in anticipation of the day when it will be restored.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, you name it…they were never meant to be.  So as we mourn for our brothers and sisters in Japan, may we keep in mind that only about 1% of the nation are believers.  Most worship nature…Land of the rising sun.  May our prayer be that in all this devastation, many will recognize nature as created, imperfect and subject to God.  May our prayer be that many will hear His voice and not harden their hearts, but give yield to his calling and find their hope there…in Christ, the only one that saves.

Heavenly Father, Lord you giveth and you taketh away so today Lord in the midst of tragedy, we lean not on our own understanding, but we find our hope and encouragement in knowing we serve a God who is in control.  We look not to place blame, but we acknowledge that sin causes pain and hurt beyond measure.  Lord God in your holiness believers find peace, in your righteous and justice we find encouragement, in your sovereignty, mercy and grace we find our hope.  Our prayers go out to the nation of  Japan, a nation where many do not know you and so have not the faith or assurance we do.  We pray for those people Lord.  We pray that in all this devastation Lord that your glory will be revealed to them that they too may find peace.  For our brothers and sisters in the midst of this, Lord give them strength to stand, give patience to endure, give them wisdom to discern, Lord give them opportunity to reveal you.  May they not grow discouraged, but may their faith be built up. It’s easy to love you in good times and often difficult in hard times, but it’s in these times we need you most.  We rest in the knowledge that Japan is in your hands Lord.  Raise up people to stay there and people to go there to continue your work and serve the people showing them a reflection of your radiance and glory that outshines the prevailing tragedy.  In your precious and holy name.  Amen


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