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on February 23, 2011

Whoa, dude, the Israelites had to do a lot to maintian their relationship with God.  I mean grain offerings, fellowship offerings, guilt offerings, sin offering…Plus they couldn’t even do it themselves, a preist had to intercede for them.  It’ s crazy when you’re actually thinking about what you read as you go through Leviticus.

You know, to tell the truth, i often struggle with getting in the Word and especially with prayer.  It’s like, God what do you not know that I can tell you today.  That’s not what he’s looking for though.  We know He knows everything, but we pray to show that we’re interested and he listens because he loves us intimately.  It’s such a blessing that we get to talk directly to Him.  We’re in the ranks of Moses and Abraham, but even they had to wait on him, we don’t.  We just talk wherever, whenever we want to.

I need to stop taking that blessing for granted and put it into practice because it is a blessing and an honor.

Lord God, you are positively astonishing to me.  I can never know you enough or love you too much, just as you Lord love me way more than I could ever understand.  Father thank you for the gift of Christ.  Bless you for always knowing me and what my life would be.  Thank you for loving me anyway.


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