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How Great a Debt

on February 22, 2011

Reading through Leviticus, yes that’s the book with all the laws….”the boring one”.  Funny though, last week a friend of mine said that she found it to be so intriguing.  She thought it was awesome to see how much wisdom God had in setting the laws.  They were actually practical to the lives of the people.  Humph, imagine, God’s ways being wise and practical.

Well, I’m in Levitcus now and I’ve decided to approach it with an open mind.  First four chapters say the same thing over and over as God sets his sacrificial laws.  So, what did I note which I haven’t in the past….well, that  a whole lotta blood had to sacrificed for the atonement of sins etc.  I mean probably literally tons of animals were slaughtered so that their blood could be poured before the alter…It made me think, when Christ’s blood was poured that single time on the cross, how great debt He paid and how precious and valuable His blood must be to cover all of sin and shame.

Oh Holy Father, there is none like you.  Blessed Spirit which allows me to see you and know you, precious, priceless Son atoning for my sin, how great a debt you paid to cover all my shame.  Lord to you be all praises, all praises are yours.


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