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King of kings

on February 17, 2011

sometimes you do your best work, in terms of displaying the most glory, when you don’t think about it.  so i’m preparing this sermon from the book of Hebrews and I’m seeing God in this whole new light.  I mean He’s always been completely awesome, but I mean, wow…WOW.

Just to stop and think and truly see what Christ has done for us.  To truly recognize the majesty of God.  To fully acknowledge his sovereignty, his grace, his love for us.  I never thought about it, about just what God made us for.  I mean you read Genesis and it’s like ok so He spoke all things into being, great…He’s powerful.  But that’s not it, that doesn’t give him the credit, the total awe that he deserves.  He made us to be “like” Him.  I mean, this is God.  This is the ultimate being.  This is the King of kings…and those kings are us.  I don’t think you get it yet.  We are the kings of the King.  He made us in HIS image.  There are no other beings to which have been given such an honor.

Ok, so now let’s get into to it ’cause we need to understand this Jesus person and just what it is he did for us.  He was and is God himself.  God himself who for no reason other than grace and love decided one day, “hey I’ll make humans and they’ll be like me”  Not only that, but he decided to give us dominion over everything.  I mean follow me here, don’t get lost.  We were made for the purpose of ruling the entire creation that our God of the universe created….even angels, but we’ll come back to that.

The grace, his grace, the absolutely in no way deserved, could never be earned favor of God given to man, to us, to us and we did what, we do what?  Sin…disobey, disrespect, dishonor, shame.  That was our payback, our tribute, our thanks.  We called him a liar and sinned agianst him.  But this, this is why Jesus came and it was his plan all along.  We sinned and we had to be punished because how could we not be when we commited such an irreverant act.

We deserved our punishment, but right from the get go, our awesome God had a plan to redeem us.  In it he would send Jesus Christ, God turning to man.  What humility, to lower himself, it’s like us saying hey i’ll be your servant, better yet your slave. I’ll live my life beneath you even though I don’t have to.  This is what Jesus did so that he could offer us redepmtion.

Don’t lose me…that came at a greater cost than simply God becoming man…as great a price as that was.  He died for us.  Here’s the thing.  Go made us just like him, with the intention that we rule the earth and everything on it, but when we sinned that was out of the question.

Do you get that the earth rules us?  Do you get that we were supposed to be in charge of the earth and the animals and everything, but we’re not.  I can build a house, but if an earthquake or a tornado decide to knock it down, can I fight back.  I can jump in a pit with a lion, but if he decides he’s hungry, guess whose for dinner.  This wasn’t the original plan and this isn’t how it will be in the end.

We need a Savior, and lucky us, we have one.  His name is Jesus.  Had Jesus not come, man would be cursed to serve the earth and the prince of the earth…satan…until death.  Let’s talk about that.  Death, the final stage…no, it’s not.  We fear it because the world tells us it’s the final stage and no one knows for certain what, if anything is beyond because, well you’d have to die to find out.  but check this out peeps, we do know, we know…there’s life.

Hallelujah, check it, satan wants us to fear death and he wants us to think we’re unsure of what’s beyond, because if we’re unsure we’re more likely to live in obedience to him rather than God. Simply stated disobedience to God=obedience to satan.  Satan rules the sinful.  Sin needed a conquerer.  Sin got one, Jesus.

If you live life apart from God and you die, immediately you’re sent to eternal damnation with Satan.  If you accept Christ, acknowledge that his death defeated sin and his ressurection defeated death, then when you die, you simply leave this body, but you immediately enter eternity with God.

Let’s talk about eternity. It’s not forever. Forever is unlimited time, but eternity is outside of time.  Forever is restricted to measure, but eternity has no measure, it just is and is always.  Wrap your brain around that.  Eternal God, eternal heaven, eternal hell…

Whoa, whoowho, can I get a what what!  Redemption song, please, redemption song… Now, the second you accept Christ, you die, you die to sin.  You’ll still sin, but now Christ has paid the price for it and you’re forgiven, but that forgivesness comes out of belief.  So guess what peeps?  Death is no longer our concern. If you believe in Christ, you already died and now you live with Christ because Christ’s death was for us. He did the death thing so that we would never have to.  Remember…that’s if you believe.  Satan ain’t dying for no one.  if you experience death while still enslaved to satan, you experience eternal death because death is seperation from God and God is not in hell which is where satan’s followers go.

I know I’ve said a lot, let in sink in.  But there’s more to this tale.  Remember how God made us to be like him and rule.  You’re gonna love this.  Dude, we get to enter God’s kingdom…which is not this earth…and rule beside….wait I need to say that again with emphasis, BESIDE Jesus. What, holla!

After Jesus rose He sent for his brothers.  Do you realize that we are brothers and sisters of Christ and that we will rule beside him.  Above angels we will rule.  Satan is a fallen angel and rules this world.  But the redeemed reign over him and his angels and even over the angels in heaven.  I could go on, but I want you to read what happens for yourself.

I got you started, but there’s way more and it’s so good.  Go read Hebrews, while your at it Isaiah, Daniel and Ephesions are books that back it all up.  Have a blessed time.


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