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on February 15, 2011

remember me when you go astray

for always I remain with you

you belong to me and never will I flee from you

you can run, hide, question why

but faithful shall I remain

and when you turn back your eyes upon

when you realize you can trust with your entire being

what sweet sweet day of rejoicing shall be, for you and also for me

Father God, you are so awesome.  To have a father who cares so much about children you are often wayward.  How little we realize the abundance of grace required.  Lord of the heavens, earth and sky, Lord of me may my life be a sacrifice, may words sing only of your praise.  As I endure hardship and strife in this life, may I never forget that this isn’t my home nor is it my end.  Allow me the strength only to persevere and do so with your Name on lips all the day long.  Prepare my heart for my homecoming as I wait just longing for all of you which one day I shall receive.

It’s a long road home

It’s not an easy one

But when I get there I’ll appreciate it all the more

It’s a long road home

But one I’ll willing travel

Cause when I get home, I know I will see you there


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