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In this Moment

on January 20, 2011

I just wanna take a minute

Just a moment in time

It won’t take but a second

Just to breathe





I just wanna a minute

Just to acknowledge

All that is within me

All that is outside me

Everything, entirety of life belongs to He

Who created, created all

I just wanna take a minute

Pay Him thanks

His due respects

Moment by moment

Not day by day


Moment by moment

He’s watching and caring and loving and sharing

He’s giving and taking, restoring, renewing


I just wanna take a minute to express

It won’t take but a second

And really, it’s all his time

So for just a minute I’m gonna stop






Heavenly Father up above and in between, all around I give praise to thee.  Lord for this day and for this moment I offer an hallelujah.  Lord of all please bless this day and many more to come with your beautiful glory. Open my eyes to recognize the favor I’ve been granted only by your will.  May I walk with grace, humility and live my life entirely on your behalf.  I thank you Lord, I thank you so for all you’ve done and do. Moment by moment you bless me with your strength that carries me through all circumstance.  I love you Lord because you first loved me.  I honor you with my life.  May my wretched heart surrender to your call of purity and righteousness.  May my desire, my longing belong only to thee.  Father carry me through the fire, refine me spiritually, that I might reflect your awesome light and carry forth your name in truth with dignity.  No shame in my game, no fear of the world.  I know I got you on my team.  I praise you Lord.  I praise you so.  My life is an offering to thee.

Thank you Jesus for your presciouse gift of life eternally lived kingdomly with the great God almighty.  Amen


One response to “In this Moment

  1. Catherine says:

    Hey, thanks for this. thanks for letting God use you to remind me of His character and presence in life. moment by moment, you keep reminding me of this person also. yeah!

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