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Big God, Little Me

on December 27, 2010

So I’m listening to this sermon series from Isaiah 40 and I’m put back into to my place.  Not to mention that prior to that I listened to another sermon on Pride and Humility.  You know when you realize how much you suck.  I mean, I’m not talking like “woe is me suck”, I’m talking like “recognizing your insignificance in comparison to God suck”.  My greatest fear is that I see this, I know it, I accept it as truth, but I walk away and continue to live exactly the same life.  What does it take to put God first.? Worship = what I put worth in…I do not worship God.  I’m being honest with myself.  the last few months I’ve said more times than I can count, “I know I should read the Word, but I don’t want to”.  I’ve told God, “Lord I know I don’t talk to you much right now, but I really have nothing to say”.  I’ve made no effort.  Satan’s been spoon feeding me and I’m just eating it up.  I’m stuck in the “save the world” mentality.  I think the little things I do and enough to appease my king…well they appease my conscience…somewhat.

I don’t wanna be this woman.  I don’t like her.  I see some value…based on worldly standards….but she’s not what I need.  I need to be willing to give up my desires…the ungodly ones, and to fully embrace His.  I have no profound insights. I just need to change and I want to .


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