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Get It Out

on December 20, 2010

Suffering from a pathetic state of apathy

You sink into complacency without a second thought

Of what it is you should do or even what you could do

You’re comfortable sitting in a state of virtual nothingness

Harsh as that may sound, it’s only reality

Your little life isn’t worth much

I know you thought it was

Oops I guess your bubble’s burst

You do realize that once upon a time you didn’t even have a life

And even though at no cost of your own you’ve been granted breath

You sit and let it dwindle, make no use of it at all

Please, don’t tell me that you thought you were,

Way, way deep inside you had to know and it ain’t even that deep if truth be told

You know even on the surface, but you’re just comfortable

So nothing wins once more

Only nothing’s always something

Acknowledge it or not it’s sin

Let’s call a pot a pot

And hear me now, I’m only a preacher preaching to the choir

I’m in the same boat with you

Just sailing along, breeze blowing in my hair

Drifting further and further out to sea, not realizing what’s there

I guess one day the boat will rock and maybe then I’ll see

Enough to shake me up a bit and cause me to at least try to fit Christ in somewhere

But you know, on second thought, maybe it’d be better if I not wait until the storm hits

Maybe I ought to take advantage of this smooth sailing

Cause when seas are calm the ship sails further, know what I mean?

We’ve got a duty, a mission so to speak

Apathy ain’t cutting it…it don’t cut a path to thee

Wide open hearts that let the truth sink in and the Spirit to reign, win

Get off your butt and find a cause and take the message out

For you were bought that you ought go out…you ought say “Lord send me”

So others who don’t know our King can too be made to see

It’s in him only life is found and when that treasure’s safe and sound

In it’s eternal glory, then we are changed and can’t sit still in pathetic apathy

Because then we care too deep, too wide, too high to just be here

Then we realize that we weren’t spared to not share, in fact just the opposite

So my life doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to someone else

And I owe it to Him to use it wise so here I am

Rebuking you, rebuking me, hoping this cry will lead us both to be


More like him

You know the one who saved us.


We can’t save the world, it isn’t our duty, but we can leave a mark for God, the reason that we’re here.  Stand for something or fall for nothing, the choice is yours.



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