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If You Like Sex, You’ll Love This

on December 16, 2010

Mrs It was all in good fun

Mr I never intended to hurt anyone

Isn’t it said that the road to hell is paved in good intention


Miss It’ s all about self fulfillment, Ms. Self Pleasure to any extent

Mr. Success by Any means…as long as it don’t hurt me

All those who can’t see the pain that they cause indirectly


Why do we worship sex

Why is it all we see when we turn on tv

Why don’t we realize that little girls are sold for four bucks a day to fulfill some man’s fantasy


Why can’t we understand that when we flaunt our stuff, when we sing ‘bout lust

We contribute to problem

We’re telling the world it’s ok to succumb, whatever you need to do to cum


Even though you’re scum that’s selling and buying human flesh

Whether it be in a brothel or a motel, on a street corner or the internet

whether it be on international tv, in music videos or the latest comedy


what would you do to make a buck

cover up and wait for good luck…because if you have real talent unaccompanied by sexuality you’re destined to fail without luck


Or would you sell your body in scantily clad garments called artistic vision

or perhaps in raw, nasty lyrics called musical expression


And you say you have integrity, you call on me to stand with you to fight a cause

Because you care for 1 in 3 girls assaulted in the great USA

And you just love the 1 in 6 boys that share in their pain

These children that grow up to be pedophiles and prostitutes you so despise


Sex sales, oh yeah it does

It sells in Thailand and the Netherlands in small apartments where 20 women live

Locked away by captures who beat and rape them into submission


Sex sales in Canada on craigslist where 13 year olds put on fake smiles and say they like it

It sales because governments legalize it to bring in revenue

Sex tourism I believe it’s called


Men in suits that get their fix at lunch time or early before work

Dudes who got no game with equally no shame…it’s easier this way

She doesn’t have to like you…Lord knows nobody does

Or so you’d think, but what about husbands and rock stars…

Oh yeah, you see, all it is is sin

No don’t bring this back to God and religious belief

This is simple humanity…respect for the human being

But maybe that’s too much for you…maybe you’re an animal

You know what, let me not insult animals, cause what you do is way beneath them


If it hasn’t hit you yet, if you still don’t care

Then go on and buy your sex toy, look at her as a thing

Tear her apart mind, body and soul, then wash yourself clean

Though scolding hot water don’t wash that dirt away, that dirt is there to stay

You can’t see it though,


So go on and tell him your brutality is love, continue to destroy his life

After all if it feels good, must be right

Lie to the wife you lie near at night about where you’ve been


Go ahead on to that club and rub up on his love

Let yourself go and don’t give a second thought

Sing along to that song, cause words don’t mean a thing

Watch that dirty “sex is love” movie and place all your hope there within


Maybe I’m wrong, perhaps I’m taking it too far

but last time I touched myself it was you I saw

Last time I got that tingly feeling I was listening to your song, while reading your magazine

And I’m not saying you’re the reason, I’m not saying that at all

But you flame the fire that’s inside us all


I don’t care what God you believe in or whether you think you’re your own god

Even if that’s case, you still know a wrong when you see one

You still know that when you pick a scab it bleeds

So as the blood pours from your thought healed wound

Think about the source of your pain

The real reason for your desire

What is it that lies in your heart and lies to your mind to make you believe it’s ok


Money makes the world go round…   $32 billion dollars in sex trade annually

Sex sales little children so families can eat and pimps can live sweet

Think about it…for just one second

I dare you to really THINK about it


The oldest profession, yeah I guess, sin has been around a long time


Each year, 100,000 children are sold for sex in America, just some food for thought



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