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on December 7, 2010

Yes, I am inconsistant and in all honesty, I have had no focus for a while now.  But what God keeps showing me is how consistant he is.  So much has happened in the past few months.  Many sad occurances, along with some joyeous one, and through it all God has been there, unchanging.  I say this because the urgency of sending out his message has not changed.  The people who don’t know him walking in death each day, that has not changed.  Their wasted ambitions for “good” life and happiness…the same.  They’re running to nowhere and I haven’t been caring much.  Had I cared I’d have been chasing after God.  I would have been seeking Him daily and aspiring more and more to grow into His image so that they could see Him in me and desire to know Him too.  So what changed?  I think I’m comfortable.  I’m ok with my salvation so I’m not too worried and can wait until tomorrow.  But what about them?  Life happens continually…so also does death.  Here’s the thing, if a life is lived well when death comes it’s sting won’t be so harsh.  A life well lived is a life Christ focused, Christ founded, Christ centred, fronted, sided and behinded.  Misfourtunes will come, but God’s love never changes…nor does the eternal hope found only in Him.

My dear God, how I love thee.  All praises to you my King for your consistancy in love, in forgiveness, in grace.  All praises to you my maker for your pursuit after me, for your precious gift of glory to come.  Lord hear my prayer, I pray today not for me, but that you would use me to show others you.  Lord may I give of all of me to you for your purposes whatever they may be because you are Holy, just and perfectly reighteous.  Lord I want to trust you fully, I want to believe in you fully, not just your name sake, but your character and ability for the miraculous.  Break my heart for your cause.

Father I pray today for the family of Vasquez.  Though I don’t know them personally, through my nephew they have touched and blessed me.  May they find peace and comfort in you as they grieve their loss. I pray Lord that they would make peace with you and praise you even in their darkest moment that you may console them with a love like they’ve never known.  I pray too for my boo boo.  Father give him strength, show him you.  Lord may he understand the cycle of life on a spiritual, Godly level and may it not frighten or anger him.  Open the door Lord God, shine a light in that he may see you and know you.  Wrap him tight in your love.

By the blood of him who saved me, thank you and amen


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