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on November 24, 2010


It’s all that I can say

And the words come so easily

But what’s in a word

Not always truth

Truth be told

As bold as they may often sound

They don’t mean a thing

My motive is to please

By whatever means

Some may get hurt along the way

But the ultimate good is for me

So sorry

Take it whatever way you may

I said it and that’s good enough

Look let’s face it,

Life is rough

You won’t always get just exactly what you want

But hey, you don’t always get what you deserve

So take my sorry

Insincere as it may be

Snuggle it and call it yours cause it’s all you’ll get from me

Sometimes we call this repentance.  It’s not.  God doesn’t just want words, he wants actions.  He wants actions dictated by correct motives.  So don’t just give him your sorry’s, they ain’t worth a thang to him.


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