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Flee to God

on November 4, 2010

Wonderful, merciful God, my Saviour, my protector, Lord I thank you

I thnk you for the grace and mercy that I could never earn

I thank you for the forgiveness and love I could never deserve

I come before you now in humble repentence for all the sin within me

And I ask Lord that you would deliver me from every evil and every temptation that will no doubt face me today

Satan is deceitful, but Lord so too is my own heart

Lord I ask you to give me the wisdom and discernment to know truth as truth and sin as sin

I ask you to help me led a life pleasing to you Lord

Father your Spirit dwells within me, help my body remain a pure and holy temple

your word God is my light in darkness, it is my righteousness

Father may you word be hidden in the depths of my heart and mind, prepared to reign and control my every thought and deed

You God are so magnificent and worthy of all glory

All praises to you Lord as I know you bless and keep me

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray



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