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on October 15, 2010

You’d be surprised what you’d see out in your backyard

It isn’t swings and jumping ropes

No, not balls and bats

It’s not something little boys and girls would like to see

it’s not something grown men and women care to see

No, what you’ll see in your backyard is downright appalling

It just simply shouldn’t happen

And yet it does and you do see

And yet you do absolutely nothing

How dare you, how dare you turn a blind eye to human atrocities right in our backyards.  Yeah, I’m talking to you Mr. Suburbia, uh that’s right you Lil’ Miss Mansion.  Did you honestly think that we were immune.  People, these things are everywhere.  Prostitution, drug abuse, alcoholism…leading to violence, abuse, homelessness.  Do you really believe that just because you chose not to look or simply to ignore that it’d just go away.  Human beings that suffer, that hurt don’t just go away.  And broken hearts and spirits don’t just heal.  Open your eyes.  Have some compassion.  Please, please care.  Caring isn’t a feeling, it’s an action.  Do something because this is real, so real, it’s the real deal and won’t just go away.  So say a prayer and get in gear because our God move mountains, but he use us, his hands and feet. It’s time for us to hit the street, in our own backyards


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