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Whom Shall I Fear

on October 14, 2010

How entirely massive is our God?  I mean ok so he created the universe, big deal right?  Like I could ever even begin to wrap my brain around that.  But check this out, in Isaiah 40:12 it says “who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand…want some perspective on that….go fill your hand with water right now…doesn’t hold much does it…yet God holds all the waters of the earth in His.  Take a walk later, take a look at a pond, creek, river, lake…whatever body of water and try to imagine holding it in your hand or how many people it would take to hold all of it.  Our God, our God can hold all the water of the earth, not in his hands, but in his hand.  Awesome, wouldn’t you say?  And this is the God whose called us his own, given us new life and told us that IF we love him, we will obey.  Whether suffering, hurt, persecution of every form and size, we will obey and he will show us victory in the end.  The victory is already ours, we just can’t see it yet…but have faith, it’s a promise so be strong and courageous.  Whom shall I fear, no one but God


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