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Praising Him Forever and a Day

on October 11, 2010

Luke 1: 39-45

he knew me before conception

But could it be I knew him too

If nature in it’s self reveals him

Who has an excuse

Blessed is he who believes

He whose faith is blind

Without “proof” he believes

Simply ‘cause truth is truth


Luke 1:46-56

Simple Mary, a mere child

So blessed was she because of faith

Theology she did not know

But trust in God she did not deny

Life turned upside down

Gift that bore disgrace

But still her faith remained strong

She patiently endured

With heart felt joy and songs of praise

Lifted her Lord’s great name


Luke 57-66

Blessed beyond belief

Our God shakes things up

He gives eyes to see even in the dark

Brings light to those once blind

And so we praise him

In the morning, at noon, in the night

We praise him all day long

For he is good, for he is great



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