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on October 9, 2010

I’m trying to get my walk back in check…start gloriying Him right again…so here I’m starting my blog again, a little different this time.  As I read through Luke I will reflect on the passages…kinda a paraphrase, but more me reflecting on how the passage touching me.  here we go.

Luke 1:1-25


Waiting faithfully for my God

At times impatiently

Still I trust him to come through

My God he cares for me

Holds my best interest in his hands

So I’m waiting faithfully for my day

The day when my God, he will appear to me

Shining brightly like he does

His grace’ll enlighten me

Strength for me, from above


Alas I see him, I hear his voice

My prayers been answered

Now I’ll rejoice

But God, what’s this you say

Are you certain this is the way

Not that I don’t trust

Just pictured things differently


People used to talk ‘bout me

Thought my wait for you was in vain

Through things aren’t exactly how I thought they would be

Still, my God you’ve come through for me

Now who laughs last

Certainly not them

My God’s lifted shame from me

And I’ll claim to be His til my very last day is made to be


Luke 1:26-38


Crazy how when you not only wait on God, but trust in him and live righteously

He trust you too…to do his will

Crazy how he’ll give you these great responsibilities

He’ll place in your hand opportunities to help him change the world

Just one life at a time, he’ll guide you to reach out, just one life at a time

And even when you don’t understand, you just don’t get why

If you reply with faith, hope and love, he’ll walk you through each and every step

Crazy how God’s just always right and always right on time even when he’s late

Crazy how his Spirit makes the impossible into realty

If the Spirit could give a virgin a child

How much more could it possibly do for us

Enable even the weakest link

Crazy God loves us that much, Crazy Just Crazy



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