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on September 11, 2010

Today’s a day to remember, but to remember what?  I think it’s a day to remember hope, true hope.  Tragic events have and will continue to happen each and every day.  thousands of lives were lost in one day on 9/11, but many more are lost each and every day.  People are dying from many causes including murder each day because death is not an option.  Scripture teaches that God numbered our days before we were born.  Please don’t think that I’m imcompassionate.  I don’t think others are when they neglect the thousands of children dying each day due to hunger when so many of us live in excess and waste good food every day.  I don’t think other are when they forget about all the people in foreign nations, innocent people, dying in war that aren’t their own everyday.  No, I don’t call them imcompassionate, I just figure they don’t know any better.  Funny how unless something is directly in our faces or impacts our personal lives we don’t seem to acknowledge it or care much.  Here’s the thing though, 9/11 can help us open our eyes to the reality that not one day is certain and therefore nothing in this life, no person, nothing at all can be an object of hope.  Don’t be discouraged though because Jesus isn’t in this life.  Jesus is far beyond just this and expands into forever…eternity. And there is the one and only true hope.  No more tears, no sickness, no fear.  Remember that.


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